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by elektrikflo
May 17 2017 7:02pm
Forum: EBike Non-hub Motor Drives
Topic: New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"
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Re: New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

Hi, is it possible to change the torque sensitivity of the torque sensor, so you dont have to pedal so hard, with a programming tool?
by elektrikflo
Oct 09 2016 7:35am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: hidden proximity switch
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Re: hidden proximity switch

We have this one in our Kitchen for the Lights. ... AtgH8P8HAQ
by elektrikflo
Aug 05 2016 6:23pm
Forum: EBike Build Threads
Topic: 4Motus ebike/moto hybrid
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Re: 4Motus ebike/moto hybrid

I can´t find any Information about the Frames on and unfortunately no answers of my Mails. Is the Alu Frame available or someone has informations for me?

Thank you,