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by Micmartin12
Nov 20 2020 8:22pm
Forum: EBike Technical
Topic: Can't decide how to wire the on/off switch
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Re: Can't decide how to wire the on/off switch

I have a voilamart stealth bomber and it has a keyed ignition with a red wire and a white wire. I don't have a controller connected so how would i connect the ignition.

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by Micmartin12
Nov 15 2020 10:35pm
Forum: EBike General Discussion
Topic: Ebike ignition
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Ebike ignition

Hey everyone, I'm building the voilamart stealth bomber. It came with an ignition and keys, it has 2 wires 1-red and 1-white, anyone know what wires i hook the up to?
My bike has an internal controller