On waterproofing usb-c...

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On waterproofing usb-c...

Post by srf » Jun 15 2021 8:41am

I'm looking to use a USB-c receptacle on one of my vehicles as a charge port. This craft will occasionally be submerged up to .5 meters in salt water for less than 10 seconds.

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to waterproof a USB-c receptacle? The various electronics shops sell ip68 USB-c receptacles but they are very expensive and appear to be designed to be water resistant when mated (connected). I don't need water protection when mated.

My phone is splashproof and has a normal looking USB-c receptacle, so how do they do it? Is there some sort of chemical I can spray on a normal USB-c port to make it waterproof? Or would a rubber plug be enough?


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