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Post by tomjasz » Sep 27 2016 11:17pm

Trying again, alive? Around? Anyone?
Thanks Justin_le we're here thanks to you. All the best to the mods for their tireless work keeping it on an even keel.

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Re: Dnmun

Post by amberwolf » Sep 27 2016 11:42pm

No sign of him since this post
as noted here

According to his profile, that was the last time he logged in, as well.

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Re: Dnmun

Post by Dauntless » Sep 28 2016 1:00am

Don't you know who he REALLY is? He's busy running for president.

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Re: Dnmun

Post by danielrlee » Sep 28 2016 1:39am

Dnmun entered my thoughts recently when I realized that he hadn't posted in a while and I had assumed that he had sadly passed away. Seeing from his last post that he has just stormed off in a huff makes me a little happier today.
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Re: Dnmun

Post by dogman dan » Sep 28 2016 4:27am

For the record, I gave him a week banning at about that time.

His posts were extremely informative and helpful. Yet at the same time, he constantly skirted what the moderators can allow for comments that are personal. His posts required constant monitoring by the mods and occasional editing. Most people with this tendency get a week off sooner or later, and return with a little less to say about the person, and a little more to say about the technical argument. Some get banned permanently.

Dnmun is welcome back. The ban was only a week. Nothing technical was ever deleted from his posts. But personal attacks will be cleaned up by the moderators.

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Re: Dnmun

Post by Icewrench » Sep 28 2016 8:59am

danielrlee wrote: Seeing from his last post that he has just stormed off in a huff makes me a little happier today.
Dnmun is alive and kicking.
Like he said in his last post he was done with this place.
Seems as if he was serious about that.

Re: ice sheet losses in Greenland and Antarctica reach new h

Postby dnmun » Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:31 pm
what do you people think you are doing by coming onto our thread and insulting us?

i cannot insult you like you insult me because now the insiders are threatening me for trying to get you people off of our thread.

this place is totally corrupt. all the insiders stick together and once neptronix demanded he had the right to trash my thread because his personality demands that he acts like that to other people, then he got to ban arkmundi because he was upset with neptronix trashing our thread.

so now all of the insiders are gonna use this place i created for ourselves to discuss this stuff to frock me over by allowing these people with no knowledge of anything to just trash it just like neptronix did. once neptronix demanded the right to trash our thread because he is an insider then all these other people devoted to supporting the republicans decided they could trash me and arkmundi too.

yep, the insiders are gonna remove me so i won't be seeing you guys here anymore.

i never went onto neptronix's 'tutorial' and pointed out how he knew nothing about lithium ion cells and their chemistry. once he said they should be charged to 4.15V then that became the law and everybody had to parrot it even though there is no basis for it. just 'battery university' or some other reference with no basis in science. so now everyone who comes to this board is misinformed and anyone who tries to point out that it is wrong just doesn't deserve to be here.

this is like how the russians corrupted science, lysenkoism, just the insiders know best or you are dead meat. this place is totally corrupt. only for the guys with fancy ebikes that go 100mph or have their own utube channels, just corrupt.

the only good thread in this entire place is the original BMS build thread that richard did or the diagnosis of the slowness of the oscillator on the geared motor controllers that he did.

this subject was stuff i like to discuss but instead the insiders just will use it to frock me over by using all of these proxies for neptronix to trash my stuff. just corrupt, sexist, racist bigoted narrow minded anti scientific group of self congratulatory children with more power than anyone else.

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Re: Dnmun

Post by nicobie » Sep 28 2016 2:00pm

I miss Dennis. It's a shame he let neptronix get to him.
Ask for it by name.

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Re: Dnmun

Post by nutnspecial » Sep 28 2016 5:01pm

I should prob take the blame there. Nep was just the target . . .

He let the forum structure get to him.
It's not set up that you can rule and edit your threads like your book, or like you're a king, or moderator of others' action.

He seems like a cool guy, but he took that thread and any objecting views way too seriously and personally, apparently.

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Re: Dnmun

Post by e-beach » Sep 28 2016 9:13pm

Icewrench wrote: Dnmun is alive and kicking.......
Well, I for one am damn glad to hear it!!!!!

Dnmun, in his posts helped me as much if not more then any other ES poster with my e-bike problems and issues. There are other posters around here that hardly venture into helping others, while at the same time posting prodigiously, none of it being of real help to solve e-bike related problems. Dnmun may have had strong opinions, but so do many on this site. But Dnmun helped people solve their e-bike related problems. The way I see it is he was treated pretty poorly by those who don't often help others with e-bike issues. His knowledge of electronics is excellent! Is there anybody else on ES that can diagnose and help fix battery chargers like he could? I think not! How often do battery chargers need repair? Often. So now that part of ES no longer exists due to the lack of respect for Dnmun. Not to mention all the other help he used to provide for the ES community.

I for one would love to have Dnmun back, I doubt that we will ever see Dumun on ES again and I think it is a shame!!!

@Icewrench: You apparently know how to contact Dumun. If I could ask a favor... The next time you contact him please let him know that my $200.00 Kingpan charger he helped me fix still works and that I am deeply grateful for his past help even if others around here aren't.


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Re: Dnmun

Post by Hillhater » Sep 28 2016 10:27pm

No doubt he is a very knowledgeble guy who helped many on here and likely elseware too.
But unfortunately he was very intolerant to the views and opinions of others, almost to the point on insisting his opinion was the only correct one !
That simply caused friction between him and other posters, with Dnmun being very much the minority.
He didnot show the temperment to debate differences of opinion in a rational way , and simply took the exit door when he realised he could not prevail over everyone else all the time.
This forum owes its existence to Justin of ebikes.ca

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Re: Dnmun

Post by tomjasz » Sep 28 2016 11:11pm

Oh FFS have a forum with toxic shit and eventually there are tragedies. My single disappointment. This inexcusable idea that forums, privately owned are subject to first amendment rights.

Sad. Especially if bullshirt threads with no EBike relevance led to the time out.

We get vendors making false claims, idiotic political and toxic threads, and that atmosphere does nothing foreBikes.

But then, I grew up on eBikes here. Thanks Justin.

I miss Dnmun.

Thanks moderators for trying to make sense of it all. No good deed goes unpunished.
Thanks Justin_le we're here thanks to you. All the best to the mods for their tireless work keeping it on an even keel.

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Re: Dnmun

Post by Ykick » Sep 29 2016 6:30am

Good riddance. He may have helped a handful of people but only while delivering a strong does of insults, narcissism and meanness.

Last straw for me was when I bought a BMS and he mistakenly sent me somebody’s else’s BMS. I kindly forwarded it to the correct buyer but of course “good old Dennis” decides on his own what to reimburse me for helping him out. Never bothered to ask my actual postage.

Oh yeah, he’s a real stand up guy! NOT…
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Re: Dnmun

Post by Ypedal » Sep 29 2016 6:38am

I like OTD, i think it's a must on just about any forum with more than 100 members, it helps to try and keep the non-topic stuff under as much control as possible.. ( it's not perfect.. no doubt, but it serves a purpose )

I'm going to lock this up.. objective complete, no need for further drama.. 8) :lol:
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