280-320vdc to 220+AC?

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280-320vdc to 220+AC?

Post by Sunder » Jun 12 2021 1:34am

Hey guys,

Long shot here, but I have been wanting to try to build an inverter from my PHEV to 220+vac.

I've had a look around to see how I can step this up to 380vdc, so I can then convert it to a mains voltage, but either we're talking about things in the milliamp range, or ... actually that' about it. Couldn't even find expensive bits.

There's a huge inverter in my car that can turn it into 12v @ 150A, but reducing the voltage and then boosting it is pretty inefficient.

Is there any other way to do this? I am willing to spend a few hundred to do this, but probably not more than about a grand. ($750 USD)

Thanks for any advice, even if it's "Stop wasting your time)
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