Cycle analyst version 2.3 vs 3.0

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Cycle analyst version 2.3 vs 3.0

Post by Jyee81 » Aug 20 2019 3:17pm

[attachment=0]Screenshot_2019-08-20-09-35-19.png[/attachment]Long story short I've made a lot of purchases via online websites that ended up not panning out for this electric Rickshaw build I'm doing my latest purchase was the cycle analyst V3 DPS I was pretty excited about it arriving and when it did arrive I open the box and the cycle analyst was in there however the manual said cycle analyst V 2.3 I emailed the seller and asked if what was the issue and she replied that it is the version 3.0 but at the time of shipment from the manufacturer they only have a 2.3 manual she pro[i][u][/u][/i]vided a link but that was just for the ebike. Ca website since they sell the grin Technologies can somebody please tell me exactly how I can distinguish the two different versions of the cycle analyst 2.3 vs 3.0 in dire need of help and guidance God bless
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Re: Cycle analyst version 2.3 vs 3.0

Post by flat tire » Aug 20 2019 3:23pm

CA v3 will have all the individual throttle input cable among others. Ca v2 lacks these.

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