Lipo Charging from 14S pack?

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Lipo Charging from 14S pack?

Post by E-HP » May 02 2021 1:52pm

Looking for uses for my old 14S8P triangle pack (generic cells), since it still has plenty of life left. I've been looking to upgrade my lipo charger, which would entail upgrading my AC-DC Mean Well power supply. Unfortunately, my current power supply doesn't support parallel operation, so I just need a bigger unit. That made me think about my pack sitting around collecting dust.

My question is, are there good quality lipo chargers that support an input voltage of 60 volts? Most that I've been looking at, before I thought about my old pack, are limited to 30V DC max.

Thanks ahead of time for any help. I only need 6S on the lipo side.

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