New TSDZ2 questions and problems???

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New TSDZ2 questions and problems???

Post by bobiam » May 27 2019 5:56pm

Just completed the installation. I'm testing it on a trainer stand and setting up. Have had several snags and wondering who with TSDZ2 experience wants to help.
1. Speed on display keeps jumping to 62.4 mph during testing????? What's with that?
2. Thumb throttle is hit or miss. Sometimes you can hold it half way down and nothing happens.
3. Taillight does not work at all. I had to splice cord shorter. Could I have the polarity backwards and this be the problem???
4. Mode = Europe or Japan. Hey....I live in CT USA. What do I do?
5. What is the 6km/h setting. Choices are off and on. But I don't know what it does!

There are a few more finishing touches on the bike to complete before road testing. Started with a 30 yr old donor.


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Re: New TSDZ2 questions and problems???

Post by EMPowered » Aug 02 2019 1:34pm

I have found that creating more space between the sensor and the magnet fixes this.
If you can't find a spoke a little further away, rotate the sensor up or down to create more space and this should fix the 62.4 mph issue. For some strange reason if the magnet is close like you would think it should be it causes this.

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