Hummingbird 20kw-ish Mid-Drive Concept Bike

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Re: Hummingbird 20kw-ish Mid-Drive Concept Bike

Post by macribs » Feb 08 2020 9:05am

I really like the effort you put into this concept. I hope you go all in and make linkage rear suspension. You have made a nice start here, make sure to take it from nice to great ;)

Curious to see what you can come up with for a "door" for the battery box without at the same time rob the the strength and structure of the box. If you just bolted an X into the 4 corners that would still be a relatively easy task to swap batteries. I am sure you have a plan an I look forward to see you solution. Me I would have gone with the bolt on X outside the cover and called it a day :D

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Re: Hummingbird 20kw-ish Mid-Drive Concept Bike

Post by Chambers » Feb 08 2020 9:45pm

Thanks Macribs,

The main reason for the 'door' is so the battery has a tool-less removal.
Don't worry if it gets to the point of structure verses easy removal, Structure will definitely come first.

I'm playing with the concept of the door positively locking to the battery and frame when closed - So using the battery box itself as a structural element tying the 2 pieces together.

The hard bit with anything like this is making it look half decent and not weigh too much.


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