tsdz2 + igh(alfine8) + gates carbon drive(cdx) About installation

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tsdz2 + igh(alfine8) + gates carbon drive(cdx) About installation

Post by vmffl1213 » Aug 22 2019 3:30am


I want to install [tsdz2] on [tern verge s8i].

I noticed that after installing tsdz2 the chainline (50.2) is different from the chainline of s8i (alfine8 + gates belt = 43.7);
So I thought about two ways to fit the chain line.

First, we know that the tsdz2 chainline is the same as the bbshd chainline. That's why we use the chainring adapter hd130 for bafang (bbshd).
Are you having trouble using hd130 on tsdz2?

Secondly I visit [https://electricbike.com/forum/forum/bu ... -mid-drive] I saw that tern s8i (alfine8 = 43.7) and trek 2009 soho (nexus8 = 43.7) are the same chainline. So I want to try that method.
Is there a known problem in trying this?

Thank you.
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