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Ebike ignition

Posted: Nov 15 2020 10:35pm
by Micmartin12
Hey everyone, I'm building the voilamart stealth bomber. It came with an ignition and keys, it has 2 wires 1-red and 1-white, anyone know what wires i hook the up to?
My bike has an internal controller

Re: Ebike ignition

Posted: Nov 21 2020 4:04pm
by cg_ebiker
I use a sabvoton and there's a connector called 'e-lock' which disables the controller until the two wires are connected by the ignition switch. Your controller might have a similar connector or it might not need one in which case it isn't needed.

Re: Ebike ignition

Posted: Nov 22 2020 6:33am
by BDamari
If your controller's e-lock line is just one cable, then it needs to connect to battery positive in order to "start" the controller. That means one line of the key switch (doesn't matter which one) goes to the battery positive and the other goes to the e-lock line.
This is correct for most controllers, but you should do some research about your controller to eliminate any doubt.
Good luck!