Does anyone have a broken Sabvoton?

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Does anyone have a broken Sabvoton?

Post by cg_ebiker » Nov 21 2020 6:33am

I was testing my motor a few weeks ago and used some jumper wires between the Sabvoton and the motor. I only found out after I 'killed' my sabvoton that one of the wires had a very high resistance so must have confused the controller into sending out power? Anyway, I've been diagnosing and testing every damn component inside and have eventually found that the main microcontroller was shoring out the 5V rail so the controller never got a chance to power on. It's a TMS320F28015PZA which is a commonly available part, but of course it needs to be programmed to work in the controller. I've sent a message to the supplier asking if they can provide a replacement but I doubt they'll say yes (If they can understand what I've asked that is :wink: ). I was wondering if anyone had a controller that was dead for another reason e.g. blow mosfets that they'd be willing to sell for a small price?

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Re: Does anyone have a broken Sabvoton?

Post by Jonno » Nov 22 2020 5:32am

Yup, I've got 'some' PM me

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Amongst other builds.

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