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Have you ever used ir2130 as a drive circuit for an electric bicycle controller?

Posted: Nov 25 2020 3:28am
by Yunfei
Have you ever used ir2130 to do the driving circuit of an electric bicycle controller, 48v

IR2130 Feature
Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation
Fully operational to +600 V
Tolerant to negative transient voltage
dV/dt immune
Gate drive supply range from 10 to 20 V
Undervoltage lockout for all channels
Typical deadtime 2.5 µs (IR2130)
Typical deadtime 0.8 µs (IR2132 ) option available
Over-current shutdown turns off all six drivers
Independent half-bridge drivers
Matched propagation delay for all channels
2.5 V logic compatible
Outputs out of phase with inputs
Cross-conduction prevention logic