Citi Bike gets a Lyft

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Citi Bike gets a Lyft

Post by aroundqube » Feb 25 2021 9:53pm

Jersey City will pay $400,000 to Lyft and Hoboken will pay $200,000 . And the rider pays a rental fee. ... ystem.html

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Re: Citi Bike gets a Lyft

Post by markz » Feb 25 2021 10:14pm

So the other 60% of the rentals are pedal-only.

$179 annual fee aint bad for 45 minutes. What happens after the time limit is up?
QUOTE - Annual Memberships - The Citi Bike Annual Membership is a great deal for NYC and Jersey City locals or other frequent riders. For only $169 for the entire year, you can take as many rides as you want with the first 45 minutes of each ride included. ENDQUOTE

Thats not a bad deal! Do you see many fat obese people riding those ebikes? I just wonder how powerful they'd really be, and if there are any hills in the city to contend with. Be hitting thermal temperature limit cutoff frequently if its wimpy 250W or 500W.

QUOTE - Day Pass - $15/day - unlimited 30-minute rides in a 24-hour period on a classic bike.
Single Ride - $3/trip - one ride up to 30 minutes on a classic bike. ENDQUOTE

They'd get you when your at 31+ minutes and you have to find a locking station spread out across the city.

Between the two cities over the course of the contract, a total of 1,000 bicycles are expected to be deployed. At least 40% of the bikes will be pedal-assisted e-bikes.

According to Lyft, 90% of Jersey City rides are take by those who have annual Citi Bike memberships, which cost $179. Over 70% of registered Citi Bike members in Jersey City also use Citi Bike in New York.

The cost for non-members runs $3.50 for a single ride for up to 30 minutes on a regular pedal bike. If a rider decides to upgrade to an e-bike or go over 30 minutes, they will pay an additional $.15 per minute.

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