Panniers vs top of the rack bag and backpack.

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Panniers vs top of the rack bag and backpack.

Post by MikeSSS » Jun 10 2021 8:36am

For decades I used a top of the rear rack bag and sometimes a backpack.

When the ebike came along I put the battery in the rack-top bag. Because of ageing it became harder to get a leg over the rear bag. Also balance when stopped on a climb was a problem, the bike tended to rotate nose upward about the rear axle, unweight the front wheel and cause me and the bike to fall. Same thing for my wife's ebike.

We reduced her problem by moving the battery into a pannier on the side of her rear rack, that worked.

I moved my battery to midship and then back to a similar rear rack side pannier. Next I added a pannier to the other side of the rack to carry the tools, cables, locks, chains, whips and stuff like that. No top bag or backpack for the first time in 30 years, once again I could get a leg over the rack during mounting and dismounting.

Banjo Brothers makes their Market Pannier, I put one on the side opposite the battery, it works very well. Four 2 liter sodas sit atop the locks and chains, and some other stuff can sit atop the sodas too. I heard that Banjo Brothers factory has a great view of the river below and they have a picture of Burt Reynolds on their dart board. Don't know if that's true but they sure do make an excellent Market Pannier.

Having some weight off center, to one side or the other, doesn't cause problems when riding. Not that I can notice, but I'm not Mr. Sensitivity. Hope this helps somebody.

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