What are your thoughts on old man mountain racks?

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What are your thoughts on old man mountain racks?

Post by ClintBX » Jan 07 2022 3:37am


I'm in the process of restoring and rebuilding a bike with an especially large front suspension fork. I plan to have a front rack on it but because it's a still fork with a welded on arch, I know I can't put on a brake mount and eyelet mount style rack. When I do that, either the arch starts to split or one of the welds brake from the fork's lowers. I've destroyed 2 forks with my velo orange rack.

So with that in mind, I'm looking for something that attaches to the lowers directly. OMMs seem to do that but before I make my purchase, I thought I'd ask y'all the pros and cons and if there's any implications I should be aware of before investing.


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