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Triton Ebikes

Post by VinceMTB » Jan 20 2022 10:22am

Does anyone have experience with Triton ebikes? They're a company in Austin, Texas that have ebikes with decent to good specs at pretty impressive prices, especially on their hardtails. Their full suspensions use Bafang motors, but the hardtails use Bofeili which I've never heard of. Thank you.

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Chalo   100 GW

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Re: Triton Ebikes

Post by Chalo » Jan 20 2022 12:27pm

Never heard of them. They look like generic Chinese catalog bikes designed to hang on the back of SUVs.
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Re: Triton Ebikes

Post by LewTwo » Jan 20 2022 2:28pm

Rich Boy Toys thought they do appear to have a couple of unusual offerings:
UBCO 2X2 WORK BIKE from New Zealand and the HERMES ROAD E-BIKE

Note that they do not have a "Brick and Mortar" address
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