Help me choose the best / right controller ?

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Help me choose the best / right controller ?

Post by tjgaryiv31 » Dec 27 2016 1:43am


upgrading offroad hunting ebike trail machine

I need help with choosing the right and best controller ( currently one I got running is GREENTIME 15 Mosfets 48-84V 1500W 45Amax Dual mode Sensor/Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Controller ) blown up or not I do not know. I also have a spare one never used luna cycle 40 amp 48-72v Ebike Controller. All the wires are cut and no conectors are hooked up.
I just recently blew up my cheap 48v 1000w hub motor (and controller ? ) Running 82v 40a thru it
I knew that was going to happen, just when was it going to happen was the mystery ?
new lithium ion 72v 17.5 with 50a BMS cells 3C panasonic 18650 3.7v 2900mah in 20s6p battery
this battery runs in the triangle

I run as a secondary backup battery 3 mos old 72V 20AH 26650 cells 2C 3.7v 5000mah 20S4P Cell Li Ion Battery 40A BMS

Motor 120Kph 45H magent 3000W brushless non-gear hub rear motor for electric bike&electric bicycle in 4T
At 72-84v 650-750 rpm on 26" wheel

WHAT IS THE BEST CONTROLLER TO USE? I was looking at these two from Greentime but I was worried that they have too many amps relative to
my batteries and BMS 40a, 50a continuous. The controllers are 65a and 80a continuous

These are the controllers

24FET IRFB4110's 3000W 48-84V 80Amax BLDC motor controller, EV brushless speed controller, sensor&sensorless

24FET 4410's 2000-2500W 48-84V 65Amax BLDC motor controller, EV brushless speed controller

Whad do you think about setup and what do you recommend ?

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Re: Help me choose the best / right controller ?

Post by wesnewell » Dec 27 2016 11:36am

If yo use either of those controllers, you'll want to cut one or more of the shunts to limit the max amp draw to 40A if you can't control yourself. Otherwise, you end up with a failed battery pack or tripped bms instead of a failed controller.
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Huffy Fortress 3.0 with MXUS 3000 4T motor, 24s lipo, 96V 60A controller. Total cost with extras <$700. Top speed ~50mph
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Re: Help me choose the best / right controller ?

Post by monette999 » May 05 2021 12:58pm

Hi FOLKS who has experience running the attached controller with 84V

I am afraid running my controller in 84V it will die real quick.
But I like more power.

Who has test this already?Image

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Re: Help me choose the best / right controller ?

Post by MadRhino » May 05 2021 9:28pm

4110 mosfets are rated 100v, and I run them with 24s lipo reliably. Yet, the controllers often need some work to make them reliable running high power 24s: Beefing the traces, better capacitors, bigger wires.
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