Bafang RM G060 Fat Bike Motor Differences

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Bafang RM G060 Fat Bike Motor Differences

Post by stefkrger » Feb 21 2020 2:04am

I'm currently designing a new electric fat bike and am looking into the Bafang G060 motor (also referred to as MG60) as an option for the drive unit. On their website there are 4 different version for the G060:

RM G060.250.DC (rated power 250 W)
RM G060.350.DC (rated power 350 W)
RM G060.500.DC (rated power 500 W)
RM G060.750.DC (rated power 750 W)

My system will be 36 V. On their website it says all version are compatible for 36/42/48 V usage. All have equal max torque of 80 Nm. Comparing the 250 W and 750 W data it seems the only difference is a higher weight for the 750 W version: ... g060250dc/ ... g060750dc/

At first I thought they were all equal motors with different power ratings printed on them. However the weight difference got me thinking. I also read somewhere that there are different winding options for the motor.

Has anyone worked with this motor and got some more information on it? Thanks!

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