recovering a locked ERT BAC8000 to eggrider

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recovering a locked ERT BAC8000 to eggrider

Post by Doctorbass » Jun 11 2021 12:58pm

Hi guys,

well as few might know i pulled the trigger and bought a sur ron.

I want to add bac8000 to it and my local sur ron vendor sold me a one he had from ERT that he was not able to work with and he now offer the litespeed kit because things wend not so good with ERT.

So i might need your help guys as it's first time for me to really play with ASI stuff.

I have a ERT display
I have a BAC8000 from ERT ( apparently locked by ERT)
I have a litespeed harness ( apparently not compatible with ert screen as display power supply is 5V on one and 48 60 ot 72V on the others?)

I am not sure what's the entire story about Alan and ERT.. I only know he was on E-S when i was more active here and did some cool stuff but i also know that people had ton of problem with him in the past 2 ? years.

I now wonder what's the best option:

Can someone share the ERT harness wiring schematic so i can see if the ERT display and BAC8000 that i have really work? I could just reconfigure the actual litespeed wire harness to work with with the right pins etc as the BAC8000 apparently is programmed for ERT display so pinout shold be ok if i have the right wirring on harness.

Or just throw away the ERT display, then get help from you to unlock the BAC from ERT settings/firmware etc and move to litespeed eggrider display?

I have Bacdoor apps but not the PC software but i have log in and pass word from older project.

what wold you suggest?

Thanks alot.

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