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Re: ES DIY Motor Challenge

Post by simion kabango » Dec 06 2019 3:50am

i want to build a large motor to lift up things of up to 60kg ..

what do i need to have to make this project?

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Re: ES DIY Motor Challenge

Post by Ianhill » Dec 06 2019 7:15am

Massive gear reduction and move the load slowly or huge power and low kv to move the load faster.

What is the 60kg a brief description of what your attempting, 60kg can be lifted with a remote control car motor if the gearing is like 100 to 1 there's a guy on YouTube that has exceeded that lift weight with Lego parts alone.

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Re: ES DIY Motor Challenge

Post by ElectricGod » Dec 10 2019 4:37pm

Which do you want?
Fast lifting or slow lifting?

Fast can be done, but you need a big motor and strong parts.
Slow needs lots of gearing to take whatever torque source you have and gear it down enough to get it to lift the weight desired.
A CD ROM motor can lift a car with enough gearing.
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Re: ES DIY Motor Challenge

Post by boars » Feb 16 2020 11:30pm

Lego is no joke :lol:

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