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Re: Optimistic Kelly

Post by DogDipstick » Feb 13 2020 11:38am

I know this is an old thread, but could anyone tell me for real how many phase amps my KEB72330 is outputting?

It says on the sticker... " 50A/100A 3.3Kw".

Ive hit 8,ooow.

There is no consistency this thread. Someone, says one thing, another, says another, I still have no idea as to the peak and continuous power this thing is outputting.

Does anyone have any solid information as to what kind of phase amperage the controller outputs when it takes 101.4A out of the battery? My controller is happy 40A-60A... for miles at a time. It will go over "50" alot, and stay there, for time. It is not limited to "50A" as is referred to in this thread. Al settings on maximum for simplicity. I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE PHASE AMP MAX and HOW TO MEASURE THAT. Thanks fellas. For any help. I know its an old subject, but these things are still out there, and I have one, ir is solid, faster than you can control up to 25mph, and has taken me miles without heating up.
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Re: Optimistic Kelly

Post by amberwolf » Feb 13 2020 5:55pm

if you want to actually measure phase amps, you'll need current sensors in the actual phase wiring to the motor (not in the battery wiring), and then either:

a controller that can read those sensors and tell you what's happening (like the lebowski, sfoc5, probably sevcon, possibly some of the kellys, sabvotons, maybe the nucular? probably some others i can't think of right now).


a microcontroller (mcu) system (arduino, etc) that you write a program for, to log and then average the pulses of current going thru the three phase current sensors into average phase currents over time (how much time, you decide when you write it, or make it changeable in your display interface), and display that for you however you like.

some controllers that do this only use two phase current sensors, so they don't actually "know" the current for the entire motor operation, they interpolate the figures for the third phase. it's probably close enough for what you're after.

there is likely info on how this is done within some of the lebowki threads, possibly the vesc threads if any of them measure phase current directly, and maybe the sfoc thread by incememed. possibly in some of the other controller development / design threads too.

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