Tesla M3 police car vs. DODGE charger

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Tesla M3 police car vs. DODGE charger

Post by CleverMonkey » Oct 07 2020 5:21pm

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Re: Tesla M3 police car vs. DODGE charger

Post by LeftieBiker » Oct 07 2020 5:29pm

As long as they resell them before the factory warranty expires it looks like a good idea. An old used Tesla with no remaining warranty can be a money pit, though.

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Re: Tesla M3 police car vs. DODGE charger

Post by Hillhater » Oct 07 2020 11:05pm

It is a pity they were not a little more open with their costings.
How many miles for each car/month ?
What price paid for Gas and Electricity ?
Why does a charger cost $2k for its annual service ?
Do they really run any car for 12 months with NO maintenance /safety checks ? ( i hope not !)
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Re: Tesla M3 police car vs. DODGE charger

Post by miro13car » Apr 07 2021 1:11pm

of course Tesla crashes any gasoline car as a police car.
- endless idling for hour and more during stand off wasting taxpayer money
- stolen police cars with keys of course left
- you all in Los Angeles example inhale this fossil shit which many forget about
- acceleration during chasing cannot be matched by gasoline car
- unlike Charger Tesla is already equipped with many cameras
- maintenence gasoline versus electric vehicle - even child see the difference
wait for Cybertruck as a police car
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