Mercane WideWheel dual motor 2019 rebuild

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Mercane WideWheel dual motor 2019 rebuild

Post by Sinhu » Dec 14 2021 11:23pm

Hi !

I found a beat’n up ww i paid €50 for and decided to make it the project this winter.

Starting with taken the scooter completly apart, and the list of parts needed became long :(

New main controller
Left side rear rim
1 new tire
Headset bearings
Plastic wheelside cover
Break disc
Down part of dusplay housing

Starting with the suspension, remove the «hot glue» used from the fabric and clean everything. Paint the «fork arms» and using a shore 60 filler covering det springs and joint too the torque arm.

All the «squieeking» noises are gone and it feels softer.
Paint and filler
5F2D7243-F38D-4387-AC77-7B946CB0AF4D.jpeg (118.49 KiB) Viewed 418 times
CD30C975-23D1-400F-9D7F-D4B6B70F6F4B.jpeg (203.27 KiB) Viewed 418 times
Then it’s the sad sad breaks this scooter comes with, switched too Magura MT2
Magura mt2
1515D0FD-A334-4EAA-8CC5-8100F7F88F36.jpeg (157.4 KiB) Viewed 418 times
To make room for the Magura calipre the break disc needed a 2mm spacer
2 mm spacer
CA3126F9-A535-405A-87D5-B1FCEDEF8980.jpeg (202.97 KiB) Viewed 418 times
Magura mt2
7A65A901-8434-448F-87C1-F30A58396A6A.jpeg (252.63 KiB) Viewed 418 times
The breaks now works as breaks should :) realy sharp and a plesure to use.

The next issue, lights:

New frontlight as the original lights are not so good. A cheap led light 12-80v from aliexpress ($20) and an solid state rely so i can run it without any extra switch.
Led light 12-80v and a SSR
58AEDB81-1DFE-46E1-9C06-FA6949E39D72.jpeg (111.57 KiB) Viewed 418 times
And deilled a hole to fit a fuse as it runs full battery power.
48E0F65C-210A-401D-BDB5-83D0EE4B5E51.jpeg (98.6 KiB) Viewed 418 times
As i replaced the trottle with voltmeter with a Wuxing 108x trottle, i wanted to be able to see the batt voltage and have a key for on/off

Installed a 2020 pro keyboks and a volmeter
2020pro key boks and voltmeter
78D59405-9CF6-4D46-B386-35577A4E1B4E.jpeg (65.5 KiB) Viewed 418 times
Then it’s the heart of this scooter, it needs a new battery pack. With a max hight at 70mm and 530 mm lengt in total that must fit 110mm wide
Planing the new battery pack
01150B67-DF53-4FED-BE9A-B5BBB1EDAEB5.jpeg (324.6 KiB) Viewed 418 times
Will build a 14s 52v pack to ad a bit more power, and with LG M36 cells it have 21Ah maybe 24,5ah.
Waiting for the Daly 30A bms to arrive.

Finished WW with new sandpaper
Finished WW
8C7A4737-6132-4ADD-877C-FB997796896D.jpeg (1.11 MiB) Viewed 217 times
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Re: Mercane WideWheel dual motor 2019 rebuild

Post by HTTR » Jan 08 2022 3:17pm

A lot of work there for a widewheel but guess that this one was about the journey ... an ya did an amazing work by the looks of it. Congrats and don't forget to show some shots of her finished and also curious about how it rides compared to a stock one.

Sinhu   100 mW

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Re: Mercane WideWheel dual motor 2019 rebuild

Post by Sinhu » Jan 22 2022 7:40pm

It’s tru thats a bit of work, if you don’t have some parts laying around it would be a bit expensive to.

But one thing is serten, switching to hydraulic breaks and do the suspension makes all the difference too this cool little scooter :)

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