kelly kbl controller testing

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kelly kbl controller testing

Post by moonshine » Dec 09 2013 1:24pm

Finally going to start a thread on my Kelly kbl controller. Currently is interfaced with a cycle analyst v2.3(will hook up v3 later ) and a cromotor v3. I've had a few interface issues and some programming issues. Currently I'm in class so I don't have a lot of pics and a lot of this stuff is off the top of my head.

First issue: cycle analyst to Kelly hookup. I would like to wholeheartedly trust my cycle analyst but I fear I have not calibrated it well enough. I've purchased a 0.5 mohm shunt from Justin and have correctly inputted the Value into the cycle analyst. However I'm only seeing a max of 118amps even though my Kelly is set to put out 175 amps battery and phase. Any ideas how this is happening? I do have the motor noise reduction option clicked which makes me think it's limiting high current to mitigate the motor noise. As I understand it the noise is from high current going into the motor at low speeds in conjunction with the block signal the Kelly puts out.

Second issue: Kelly controller motor sounds. I've only noticed this after hearing other ebikes. In fact the old infineon controllers were quieter.

Greg put up a video of my cromo v2 in the 26" large marge making a obnoxious groaning noise. My Cromo v3 is now in a 19" Moto rim and still makes a relatively obnoxious grinding noise at low speeds. ... ata_player

Third issue: anyone with experience with Kelly kbl controller have any input on the correct settings?

The phase current is set as a percentage of the max controller rating (250a) and the battery current is a percentage of whatever the motor current was set to. I set it initially to 50% motor and 50% battery and felt fine. I put it up to 70motor and 100battery and have pretty much found no difference which is nuts since that would mean 17.5kw on a Cromo is not flipping me over. Ideas? Settings?
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Re: kelly kbl controller testing

Post by GCinDC » Dec 10 2013 9:11pm

moonshine wrote:...I'm only seeing a max of 118amps even though my Kelly is set to put out 175 amps battery and phase.... I put it up to 70motor and 100battery and have pretty much found no difference which is nuts since that would mean 17.5kw on a Cromo is not flipping me over.
yeah, i thought stuffing 100A into a cromo was flipper territory, but your acceleration isn't very torquey. maybe that's a throttle setting? in which case, is it really drawing 10kw??

embedding vid above

to others, is that noise typical?
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Re: kelly kbl controller testing

Post by zombiess » Dec 11 2013 2:31pm

Just an FYI on power, my Cromotor V2 in a 19" MC wheel running 75V 100A is peppy, but it will not lift the front wheel even from a dead stop. This is mainly a function of the Greyborg frame I am running, it has a long swing arm which helps prevent wheelies. I am able to make the front end light for hopping curbs, but it's nothing like my other bikes which wheelie much easier (mainly due to smaller tire setups and shorter wheel bases).

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Re: kelly kbl controller testing, which CA v3 to buy?

Post by 7tronics » Dec 19 2013 8:36am

I have had some experience with the CA v2.3 from other's ebikes, in person and in the LEVA ebike technician course, and am planning to install a CA v3 on the Organic Transit ELF. Does anyone have experience with the CA v3 on the Kelly KBS Controller and with a motor not directly connected to the wheels? The ELF has a lefthand freewheeling sprocket connecting to the motor via a chain drive. Thanks for feedback!
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Re: kelly kbl controller testing

Post by Deeze » May 20 2014 6:53am

I too am interested in info on KBL controllers also as I have just installed one.
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