Eahora X7 Error 30

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Eahora X7 Error 30

Post by MarkNYC » Jun 09 2021 1:53pm

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I recently got into ebike and got the X7 from my friend for free. He couldn't find out how to fix it and suggested that the motor cable needs to be replaced.

I spent the last week or so reading and watching videos about ebike and tried to troubleshoot the error according to Eahora website + Radpower videos.

Here are the things that I've checked:
1. no visible damage to any cable.
2. display still shows up, just constantly result in Error 30.
3. I unplug one cable, turn bike back on to see if the error disappeared, reconnect and test the next cable. I did this with the motor cable, front light, PAS sensor, throttle, and both brakes. Every single one of them still result in Error 30.
4. there is no loose cables as far as I can see in the controller.
5. battery seem to be working, it powers the display and shown full bar.
6. I'm not familiar with ebike so not sure if this is normal, but I can hear a faint noise from the controller when powering on the bike. It sounds like a static noise.
7. the rear motor has a noise when I rotate/spin/pedal it. it sounds like a running motor or something.

Now, I'm thinking the controller might be damaged or the display. I want to order a compatible one from Amazon but figured I should ask experts here first.

The motor is 48V 750W Eahora and battery is 48v 10Ah. If I missed any critical information, please bear with me.

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestion. Thank you :)

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