S900 won't display watts

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S900 won't display watts

Post by TonyWright » Jun 12 2021 1:49pm

I have just assembled my first ebike kit - 500W Bafang front hub, 48 V battery and S900 display (not SW900) and I have four questions. I have a S900 (not SW900) and my PO numbers go up to PO18.

1) Everything seems to be working except that the S900 doesn't display watts. Instead it shows Error 000 all the time. It looks like this window of the display has a choice of what to show. Have I missed a configuration?

2) PO17 is supposed to be a motor wattage setting 250-1000W but it came set at 100 and only allows a setting from 100-200. Where should I set PO17?

3) I have been messing around with the PO settings and am considering a factory reset. (I haven't knowingly changed any of the settings that are factory set). If I do a factory reset will all the factory settings remain as they should be. I am wondering what is meant by factory, do the people who assemble these kits match the motor, controller and display settings and are these then locked in?

4) The internet information about the S/SW900 is very confusing. There seem to be several versions of the displays.
Can anyone suggest a link to the best source of information.


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