Strange Hit or Miss Vibrations and melted wires

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Strange Hit or Miss Vibrations and melted wires

Post by Copperlotus88 » Jan 26 2022 3:28am

A couple of weeks ago my electric trike*, started picking up some pretty weird vibrations in the front end, combined with some fairly hardcore rolling resistance which you guessed it was also located in the front wheel, ( to the point of it damn near not wanting to spin at all, at times ).

*Donor frame: schwinn meridian adult trike, Kit:
unbranded 48v, 1,000w gearless, front hubmotor.

It seemed pretty hit or miss, with no set pattern of when or if it'd happen and it happened with or without the motor running to boot.

Or rather that was the case as of about a week ago, then it seemed like all of a sudden it only ever happened at all, when I tried to hit the throttle.

At that point the vibrations were both immediate and severe and the motor cut off straight away.

In fact up until three days ago the motor kept cutting off like that every single time I tried to use the throttle.

Then for no reason that I can see it started working again. Just to see if it'd let me ride, I hooked the battery up and it worked.

It deff still picked up a slight vibration from time to time ( especially when attempting a turn ) while out riding but it otherwise let me use it just fine.

Then two days ago the vibrations came back with a vengeance and it cut out again mid ride and no amount of anything I did* would get it to go again, so I pulled over and took a look and noticed the plastic on my phase wires, right by the upper three bullet connectors was melted to shit. I do not know why.

*I should mention that swerving the handle bars back and forth super hard, while in motion seems to occasionally put an end to the mysterious vibrations & the rolling resistance.

At other times it doesn't do shit.

P.S: hopefully you can make sense of our diy schematics.
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