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Help with Battery build parts list

Posted: Jan 22 2022 5:53am
by jdevane5
I'm about to get a battery built using Molicel P42A's, its 28S21P.

The battery builder has asked me to get all parts and I need a bit of help with some;

1.Cells -Got a good source, straight forward.
2.Nickel & Copper -Which size do I need? .1mm copper sheet and .15 Nickel? Is this right for this size 9kWh battery?
3.I've found some 21700 spacers, so that's straight forward.
4.BMS -What's a good brand for my set up? Any Eu companies? (I'm in UK) And do you Spec for 96V 28S? Tried on Chinese supplier and got sold 28S was too big for them...
5.Plenty of PVC Shrink wrap -Straight forward.
6.Kapton tape.

Have I missed anything? (other than connectors . cable etc)

Also I would like a decent onboard charger that has a type 2 socket.. Any recommendations and what size?