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Evgine Company

Post by Csecrist3 » Apr 09 2021 8:54am

Has anyone came across this company? Watched a YouTube video from a subscriber and he walked through his finished product. Extremely impressed with his use of ALL OEM bits including the transmission, AC and other interior electronics. He claims to have the same power rating or even a bit more with this conversion. Only issue I see is the range as it runs from 100-150 or maybe 200 miles is what they claim on the website. Very interesting and would be interested in doing a conversion for my gasser truck using all OEM parts but with a little more range. I get about 350 miles on 1 tank and would be alot of batteries to match that.


Check out their YouTube channel too and another guy names Greg Goes Electric as he has a neat heavy duty truck build.

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Re: Evgine Company

Post by neptronix » Apr 09 2021 10:05am

Cool kit, but needs prices and pictures of the unit on their website to be convincing that this isn't just a vaporware company.

This older video shows a drive that drives all the accessories with a belt. This is less efficient because the car must idle. But i imagine it slashes a thousand dollars off the cost of the kit at the least and also makes the car operate very much like stock. I like the idea of that because you the average non-mechanically oriented owner could take their converted car to most auto shops and have it serviced as if it was not a conversion.

I like their thinking and hope they have success.

I hope they get the memo on truck aerodynamics. A tapered cap for the truck bed would make a pretty big improvement in the range the car gets. Selling aerodynamics hacks along with the kit would make the conversion a lot more appealing.
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