2007 Emax Sport 2000

Have extra parts that need a good home? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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2007 Emax Sport 2000

Post by JDELUNA » Jun 16 2021 12:21pm

I am selling a 2007 Emax Sport 2000. These were some of the original electric scooters that came out 15 years ago starting in 2006. This is a 48 volt 2000 watt rear hub motor. It has been sitting in my garage unused collecting dust since 2009 so the batteries are dead. The original batteries are silicone lead-acid type. There are ( 8 ) HR12-22 type lead-acid batteries in series and parallel. When fully charged I was able to get up to a GPS verified 35mph. It comes with (2) chargers however I believe one of the chargers needs to be repaired. The scooter can be charged with the (2) chargers at the same time. As you can imagine with approx. 120 pounds of lead-acid batteries this scooter is heavy at over 300 pounds. I always wanted to do a lithium-ion battery pack conversion but do not have the time. A modern lithium battery pack can probably subtract 80 to 100 pounds depending on the AH size, etc. The headlight was modified to use an MR16 bulb which is much brighter than the stock incandescent BA20D bulb which barely can light up the road but can easily be switched back. Has a clear title. Asking $1250 Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
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Re: 2007 Emax Sport 2000

Post by dexdrako » Jan 22 2022 1:19pm

how much for just the motor?

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