Shinko SR241 2.75"x19" and 2.25"x19" - Kingston Ontario Canada - No shipping

Have extra parts that need a good home? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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Shinko SR241 2.75"x19" and 2.25"x19" - Kingston Ontario Canada - No shipping

Post by captain387 » Jun 17 2021 7:29pm

Hi All,

Figured I would post this tire here first before trying to sell it on Kijiji, BUT looking for a local buyer as it seems silly to ship a big chunky tire around Canada or the world, for $50....
So if you are close to Kingston Ontario and are interested to meet up then send me a message.

I bought a few 19" moped tires for my electric bike, and since I ride 100% on the road, I have decided to run with a dedicated street tire.
I put about 100 km on the Shinko tire and it was great, very low rolling resistance, and the knobs smoothed out the road nicely
The tire is basically brand new but,,,, I did shave the outside knobs to allow the tire to fit into the frame. $30
DSC00052.JPG (161.77 KiB) Viewed 139 times
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Also have a Cheng Shin 2.25"x19" which is low profile compared to the SR241.
DSC00053.JPG (161.33 KiB) Viewed 138 times
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