Need prices for CNC parts

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Need prices for CNC parts

Post by rolocretaw » Jan 20 2022 4:17pm

Greetings ES

I'm wondering if anyone here does machine work or know a reasonably priced way to to machine a BBSHD housing. I can generate step files or .3mf or whatever 3d file type needed to check it out.

Im local to Colorado but will take info for anyone worldwide. Shipping wouldn't be that bad on a part that size.


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Re: Need prices for CNC parts

Post by DanGT86 » Jan 21 2022 11:17am

Protolabs does that.

I think you can submit a part online and get a quote quickly. I don't think they have a minimum qty. Might be expensive but custom one off machine work is going to be really expensive if you walk into a shop off the street.

If you can design it to be all flat parts you can have it done at Similar model do protolabs where you submit a drawing online and they calculate or quote.

You might be able to save a bit of money having the tap drill sizes cut and then tapping the threaded sections yourself.

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