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Votol em70

Post by Xray8700 » Jan 26 2022 2:49pm

Unlock speed limit.

I have this electric "tuk tuk" with a qs midt drive motor 2000w and votol em 70. 60v battery

It stops at 30 kmh..

Can anyone please help me out, I have the cable and software, but I have absolutely no idea what settings I need to change. 👀😔

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Re: Votol em70

Post by amberwolf » Jan 26 2022 6:38pm

Does the powered wheel spin the same max speed when it is propped up off ground?

If so, there's a speed limiter.

If it is faster, then there's no speed limiter, just not enough power for what you want, or the gearing is too low for the speed you want, or the voltage of the system is too low to spin the motor fast enough.

I don't know the Votol software, but there are some Votol threads on the forum discussing it, if you poke around; they may help with that part.
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