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    Geared beach cruiser

    You were aware of your laziness at that moment of thought?
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    Sketchy Battery Pack?

    Some will say & claim anything for a sale.
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    Lyen 18 FET 4115 Mark II Controller- blown Hall circuit or something else?

    Search for Xie Cheng, there are lots of different ones.
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    unconventional ebike motors.

    What is the voltage difference within the pack? If you have whole groups charged to 3.60v, whats the "sky rocketed" voltage at? - Might be the solder joints of the 26650 cans adding resistance, also the heat damage to 26650 cells, any bad connector joints, wire quality, wire resistance. Varying...
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    Lyen 18 FET 4115 Mark II Controller- blown Hall circuit or something else?

    can replace the mcu? sure recommended, no as its a lot of work, skilled work. Look at the laptop repair guys take off chips with the heated air, tweezers, flux. I did learn something watching a guy do it last week on yt. He added low temp solder to the already soldered pins, added the flux then...
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    My new eBike shop: Structuring, building, and pricing. Reflections and criticisms please.

    For used motors - Open it up and take a look at the windings and gears if it has them. If water has gotten into the motor, I've seen some various amounts of rust inside hub motors posted on es.
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    Where to buy EB3 Controllers Xeichang use the Infineon icu on their pcb. I buy the Greentime controllers, dont know if they use the Infineon icu chip or not. Lyen might still sell his high power controllers with beefed up pcb...
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    Cheap and simple ebike conversion…

    Up the voltage for more speed.
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    Cold weather riding gear

    A thick Vancouver Canucks hat with the big cotton knit ball on top, double layered with the 3m fabric as a liner, but foldable about 4" from eyebrow acts as a kind of double layer, or go cone head with the hat. Depends on the weather conditions, humidity, cold, winch chill factor, which way the...
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    Suggest me a strong 26" rim ~40mm width

    Is that a handle bar stem attached to the seat post on that red small bike with mid drive. Skateboard deck is a nice touch.
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    attached learning wires to make my back hub move throttle not working

    just unplug the learn wires and not power off the scooter, and try the throttle.
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    Cold weather riding gear

    Windbreakers a must, good gloves like snow mobile gloves, good hoodies. I got some electric boots from Dakota.
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    Kona Stinky Restore

    Nice build, battery fitment is everything along with the full suspension, keeping the bumps minimized, dialing in the spring rate and I bet she rides over the bumps real smooth. Tire tread pattern and widths are terrain dependent, nice to have the option to go wide or narrow on the tire. Looks...
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    Electric Tractor

    Picturing a big tractor - I'd look into adapting used forklift drive motors for a more affordable option. Seeing your tractor in the link - Mid drive motors, double stator hubs, auto hub motors. Nice list to look through -
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    Looking for easier tire installation

    I notice that to, sometimes the tire is a very tight fit getting that last little bit onto the rim and seated. Rims have different erd's
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    Stuck - Upgrading Battery from 36V to 48V on Ecotric Rocket

    Buy a new controller and display unit as a matched pair for your new 48v generic battery. Keep the amps the same and keep track, if it gets too hot, then limit the amps.
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    .... Gear hub efficiency Question ...

    I was just stating that over the 20 years you were improving your entire system. Motors are motors, you believe what you want to believe! How much does one get for the copper windings? Its not worth the time or hassle for scrapping or rewinding. It would be self rewarding to rewind in a hobby...
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    Sabvoton controller ID

    How old is the controller How old is the "enduro/stealth" motorbike with pedals? Dimension wise it seems close to this one SVMC7260-M(V2) the V2 I believe is a case change of another controller, that I read at website but the case didnt look that much different, looked like they...
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    3 prong conectors safe for motor phase wires

    Are they genuine Amass? How do you know they are genuine?
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    Loose chain.....

    Broken a few rear hangars doing good wide beaver trails, the bush will get a haircut over time until the bush trunks base takes the hangar. I was able to ride out with the tools I had, maybe that day I had a chain tool to go single speed with no rd, or reused the the rd for a tensioner for...
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    Wheel building for hub motors.

    I do the same thing, but I know the distance from the 0 mark to the end of the ruler to be 2mm on my metal, cork backed ruler out in the shop. Got the hobby down to 4 big 100L totes, I had stuff scattered in various totes every which way. Found a few things I lost, like the auto brake bead maker...
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    .... Gear hub efficiency Question ...

    Improved Upon ;)
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    48V, 1000w globalfreeshipping

    Like ebays accessorriess store, sinks included good one. I was just afraid of the term globalfree would spam my search with jibberish.
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    Truckrun M09 vs Bafang Ultra, need advice.

    Fake marketing is putting it lightly.
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    Trouble Shooting 2-2 error code

    Is that the only item hooked up to the +5v supply?