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  1. DogDipstick

    Downhill or Enduro bike for my new build?

    Hafny bar end. Its good. Polished stainless, not glass. It has lasted a long while for me.
  2. DogDipstick

    Salvaged EV cells index: Leaf, Volt, Tesla, Zero, etc

    Here is the link to the original author of the spreadsheet. You might find good info t here. there are many many EV forum spreadsheets available nowadays if you look. People love making them. Many more today rather the ones I found all those years ago. thank the Chris guy for this one. There...
  3. DogDipstick

    Downhill or Enduro bike for my new build?

    I love my 2004 Ironhorse Hollowpoint enduro frame. Let me tell you. It has some get up and go. Smooth as ice and strong as a Hayabicycle, anymore. I did raise the rear end by 1" up and back. I had the chore of adapting the large hub motor. It is 104lbs with about 60% rear bias. 1800wh battery...
  4. DogDipstick

    How Dangerous Might a Puncture to an Ebike Lithium Polymer Battery Be?

    They dont explode at all. .....they dont have a " TNT EQUIVALENT " energy output. Ok so for real they actually do.. Lol..
  5. DogDipstick

    Batteries in parallel

    Best battery I found was lying in the junkyard for pennies on the dolla covered in mud and abused and neglected. Lol. Nicce old thread resurrection tho. Lol.
  6. DogDipstick

    Should I even Bother?- Question about used batteries and resistances.

    No. Not when electric car cells are all over junkyard for 1/10 the price.
  7. DogDipstick

    jonescg's NEW electric racebike BUILD thread!

    Nah that's just a thing it's I mean if you want to fit 20 kW hours in a bike you got to use a good energy cell. I certainly understand the motivation. Seven or eight kilowatt hours just won't cut it. 180 kW must have been insane though.
  8. DogDipstick

    Acrylic frame electric motorbike HME EV-1

    Welcome to Endless Sphere Friend! So I am friends with you on Facebook and love to build Polycarconate bikes too! I just wanted to let you know who I was. I am Jean-Paul. This is my Endless Sphere user name, DogDipstick. I love building them with the clear and colored plastic! It is strong...
  9. DogDipstick

    jonescg's NEW electric racebike BUILD thread!

    How do you reach that? based on 16mOh per and 4p? For 168s. Lol. I could do the math as I know it if you like. You will probably disregardful of my numbers tho. Usually are. This is the math as I know it. Vd=xS/xP*Rc*I You will get your Voltage drop by number of series cells divide by...
  10. DogDipstick

    jonescg's NEW electric racebike BUILD thread!

    Lol They suck. Half that 45A and they are still loiving a short life. Like... 0.7kW for every kG vs... like 3kW for every kG of a good highway lipo ( such as the Chevrolet cells I use... 40K cycles to 50% DOD baby! ) . Last 10kWh I bought cost 1400$ brand new lol. I would think it would...
  11. DogDipstick

    Rivian's hot lunch

    Oh I know to wear the gear, very well. Since teh CB500 I sent into the woods, through the trees, my first real streetbike I learned quick. Under the gear you dont get chewed up. You can still get the laceration.. but.. its kinda different under the gear. You aint gonna bleed out. Not like...
  12. DogDipstick

    Active pre-charge/inrush control

    .. er.. anybody ever just use a NTC thermister as a pre charge inrush limiter?
  13. DogDipstick

    Self balancing charger idea: diy using tp4056

    DO NOT DO THIS AT ALL. READS THE DWO1 Datasheet. The " 1" in the name means ONE CELL ONLY!!! Putting tp4056 chips in series is what destroys batteries and starts fires.. at leaat this is what happened to the...
  14. DogDipstick

    Perfect Gear Ratio?

    What are your off the line tork goals ( Slow bike, with wheelies, or fast bike, soft takeoff, and high top speed?) , and what is the RPM ( speed) you want ( the back wheel) to go? What motro RPMis expected? ( how many volts, what is the kV of the motor,, and whats your bvoltage? How much "...
  15. DogDipstick

    QULBIX DIY Frame Q140MD

    Just a warning. They are not the best cells available, (opinion) and they are not 10C contin... (fact) . Maybe some of the most hyped or most expensive ... I see alot of sag in them. I have built a few bikes with 10-20kW for sure. For instance, you would have to carry 2x the weight in the...
  16. DogDipstick

    We need these solar panels ....quickly !

    I got 90$ worth of solar cells for sale down by the sea shore. We will NEVER see commercial solar powered flight. Not in our lifetimes. For real. I got 90$ worth of solar panels for sale. The market is flooded. 90,000$ worth, for sale, right now, ready to ship to your door. Buy some. Put...
  17. DogDipstick

    12kW eBike hub motor?

    I think the 40H is the most powerful " bicycle" SPOKED hub motor. With spoke holes. Over that they are motorcycle motors.. ( 50H, etc, the bigger wider 273 motors.. then there is Yma and the like.. golden motors.. Too) with a beaded rim built onto the top of the hub. All my scooter friends put...
  18. DogDipstick

    12kW eBike hub motor?

    Crootor will go neatly up the hill with its 800 lb without ever overheating if you just demand 10% throttle. At 0.6mph. Demand more than that and it overheats. lol. jst cannot pull that load up the hill. 23% grade? 800lbs? lol. three clydesdale horses couldn't do that faster than 1mph...
  19. DogDipstick

    Actual bulletproof bicycle tires

    On my fourth set of Duro in 19". Get about 4K miles out of a rear. Maybe 8K out of the front. They damn tough. 41L rated tire.
  20. DogDipstick

    Listen to two 2 posters overreact and accomplish nothing

    YOU STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT A TNT EQ. NUMBER IS, OR ITS VALUE, NOR THE SIGNIFIGANCE OF THIS VALUE . A gallon of gas has a TNT equivalent of many more sticks of dynamite in its 6.4 lbs. A TNT equivalence of 57.9827 lbs. Equal to 57 lbs of TNT is a gallon of gas . Get the fak outta here...
  21. DogDipstick

    Listen to two 2 posters overreact and accomplish nothing

    Oh shyut the fo ok up. is equal to about 1.549053356282272 kG of TNT. (3.395119 lbs.) in STORED ENERGY. The energy stored in the pack I ride every day and will ride for the next ten years. They do explode. Get the fuk outta her. With the violence and a velocity of an explosive...
  22. DogDipstick

    Switching bike to cells from a Hundai Kona recall ( LG pouch cells )

    Hyundai Kona good cell. Ioniq. Kia. Mmmmmm stronk. NMC811? I think. Very good and strong.
  23. DogDipstick

    Re: HT Norko Aline - version mid drive, adaptto+rv100pro

    No, yeah, thank you for all the contribution.
  24. DogDipstick

    Listen to two 2 posters overreact and accomplish nothing

    1.162 watt hours in a gram of TNT. gram of TNT g microton of TNT μt 4.184×103 J or 4.184 kilojoules 1.162 Wh 46.55 pg kilogram of TNT kg milliton of TNT mt 4.184×106 J or 4.184 megajoules 1.162 kWh 46.55 ng 1,162 watt hours in a kG of TNT. My ebike holds 1,800wH. So you can do the math...