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    New Sur Ron competition from Sondors - MetaBeast + MetabeastX
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    Hacked Metacycle

    Mine showed up last week - looks great, rides solidly.
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    Hacked Metacycle
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    Hacked Metacycle

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    Upco Bikes from NZ
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    BMS Recommendation?

    Balancing - yes. Max current will likely be 40A. Common charge and discharge ports.
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    BMS Recommendation?

    I'm getting this battery for a scooter project and need a recommendation for a BMS: Want reasonable cost, simplicity of installation and robustness...
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    E-Core; electric motor & battery for 50cc vehicles
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    Metacycles finally being delivered...

    I'm not looking forward to the $700 for the "white glove" delivery service...
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    Metacycles finally being delivered...

    "There will also be an optional Level 2 charger module available to fill the negative space left in the front of the frame. That would allow riders to charge at public charging stations, likely offering an even faster charge. Other accessories that will be available to fill that cavity include a...
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    Metacycles finally being delivered...

    Another delivery:
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    Metacycles finally being delivered...
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    Another 3-wheeled Prototype: Spiritus
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    Help Identifying Battery Connector

    I saw a video of the seller trying to dismantle the battery pack and it is a pain to take apart... The connector Amberwolf found will allow the battery to remain unmodified.
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    Help Identifying Battery Connector

    That's it, thank you!
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    Help Identifying Battery Connector

    Picked up one of these 48 V surplus batteries and need to identify the male connector needed for a secure connector. Here's the battery: This was bought from...
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    Lithium Battery Visualization Video

    This guy put in a lot of effort to make this:
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    New Research on Reviving Lithium Batteries
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    EMB Lectra frame Project

    A student and I are trying to get this pre-Covid project revived... The frame I have is from the EMB Lectra production e-motorcycle: Looks like they mounted the motor on the swing arm. The motor I have is a 48V golf car...
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    EBike Riding Safety

    The "all things motorcycle related" videos produced by Ryan and film crew at FortNine compared Ebikes and motorcycles: Watch some of the FortNine reviews and you might get addicted - the quality is so high and informative...
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    Sondors x new bike the Metacycle

    Here's a good image of the metacycle along with the coming soon 3-wheel and the Fold ebike:
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    Inverted Aquarium in Portland

    No, we don't have to keep pumping - the vacuum pump is off 99% of the time. There is only a 1 psi difference in pressure between the water surface of the aquarium compared to the water at the top of the pipes (2' height difference).
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    Inverted Aquarium in Portland

    Hi Guys and Gals, I've been away from the forum for awhile but am still doing ebike things. People might be interested in seeing one of my work projects at PSU in Portland. The Inverted Aquarium was constructed almost 3 years ago and we have had fun improving it over that time. It was...
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    E-Bike Expo, Portland May 20-22

    I went Sunday and it was fun to ride so many bikes in the two hours I was there. My favorite rides were on: "Big Bud": the E-stream EVO-FS-3-29: and...