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    Bafang M400 G330.250 Configuration

    Hi all, I sell and service ebikes, including some that are fitted with the Bafang M400 motor. I am trying to learn all I can about these motors and have just obtained a BESST tool... which I am trying to learn about also. Here is some information I have learned, in case it is helpful, and a...
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    Motor Cuts Out Randomly

    Hi Tyro, People who might be able to help you will need a lot more information than you have given.. Is it a factory e-bike or aftermarket kit, motor type, does it cut out while using throttle or while pedaling (or both), does the system use torque sensing or cadence sensing for the pedal...
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    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    Beware of taping the cable carrying the power to the motor tightly against any of the other cables. There have been reports of strange problems caused by "crosstalk" between the motor cable and sensor cables. It would be a good idea to keep the motor cable separate from sensor cables etc.
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    Best Motor for friction drive

    For friction drive, the size of the tire doesn't matter.. the wheel is acting as an idler gear, transferring the surface speed of the motor to the road. In other words, the road speed will be the same as the surface speed of the motor (or drive roller) regardless of wheel diameter. You can work...
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    Sur-Ron - New Mid drive Bike

    One reason for not using hydraulic pressure to bring in regen is that you want regen to kick in before the brakes come on, not after. Ideally regen would be triggered by movement of the brake levers before the brake pads touch the disc, so before any hydraulic pressure is developed in the...
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    Bafang M500/M600 thread

    Also check out the Frey aluminium framed bike developed over the last couple of years with the help of ES members. Frey started a thread on this bike recently: But I see one of the moderators has asked them to move it to the "Sales"...
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    My RC Mid Drive with Single Stage Reduction

    The diode would drop 0.7V right through the range, so if you didn't reprogram the VESC you would probably lose power at full throttle. Presumably you could reprogram the "start voltage" and "full throttle voltage" in the VESC to match the reduced values caused by the diode? I have read that...
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    My RC Mid Drive with Single Stage Reduction

    Re E-brake switches: I would think for your setup they would not be required. If you stop pedaling, the motor assist would drop to zero quickly, and as you say, in the power range you are working in the back brake could handle the extra torque from the motor. The TSDZ2 mid-motor system with...
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    My RC Mid Drive with Single Stage Reduction

    Hi FZBOB, Great build, and cool that you tried different motors and setups until you settled on one that works for you. Torque sensing Bottom Brackets: You are right.. the torque applied to the chainwheels by the motor will not be measured by the torque sensor in the bottom bracket, as it will...
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    tsdz2 torque sensor broken

    Hi, Some time ago I replaced the torque sensor on a TSDZ2. I posted comments and hints on the main TSDZ2 thread here on ES.. look around page 80 of that massive thread, or search my posts. A bit tricky in places, but not too bad. Long, straight external circlip pliers are the only "special"...
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    GNG / CYC X1 Pro 3000w

    Hi Endrew, I can't agree with your comment that torque sensing is a "very bad" way to control an e-bike. You may have ridden one or more bikes controlled by PAS (Cadence sensing) or even badly programmed torque sensing control, and formed the impression that it is a bad method to control an...
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    GNG / CYC X1 Pro 3000w

    Hi Hyper.. Yes, a torque sensing bottom bracket has a variable output signal based on how much force you are putting on the pedals: The harder you push, the greater the output signal. How that is applied to the motor power depends on the programming of the controller, but in its basic form...
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    GNG / CYC X1 Pro 3000w

    If the "freewheel" is a sprag clutch type, it should be possible to reverse it just by pressing it out, turning it over and pressing it back in.
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    New "Lingbei MM28.250 torque sensor mid drive"

    Hi Stancecoke, thanks for the link to that article.. it contains more information than I had. However, I disagree when you say "it is not contactless": the coils of wire are not physically transmitting current by direct metallic contact: they are electrically insulated from each other, and...
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    New "Lingbei MM28.250 torque sensor mid drive"

    Re: The TSDZ2 torque sensor: I'm not sure exactly what the communications protocols etc are, or the details of how they do it, but: The coils of wire are large diameter (maybe 3 inch / 80mm diameter?? - I don't have one here to measure) each attached to the rim of a disc perpendicular to the...
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    TSDZ2 speed sensing or torque sensing issue?

    Hi Jean, The torque sensor I replaced was broken in a different way: there was a crack in the tube that carries the pedal torque from the pedal spindle to the main drive gear. I guess there are a lot of these motors in service, but the number of failures we hear about is a bit of a worry.. They...
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    TSDZ2 speed sensing or torque sensing issue?

    Hi Jeanl, That's a pain to lose two torque sensors! There is a way to get into a buried menu on the controller and see what the output of the torque sensor is. Try this viewtopic.php?f=28&t=79788&hilit=hidden ... 5#p1405380 Getting the timing right in pressing the buttons to get to the buried...
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    Torque sensor BB DIY mid drive questions

    In most builds using Cyclone / GNG etc motors, the motor does not drive the bottom bracket itself.. it drives a chainring that rotates around the bottom bracket but does not apply torque to the bottom bracket. So yes, in a "normal" setup the only torque the bottom bracket will see is the torque...
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    Nucular electronics - complete kit for ev!

    One Chinese supplier of those Sempu Torque sensors has told me that I can have one made to T3 specification, which is the same as the T4 but with ISIS crank connection instead of square taper, at no increase in cost. For serious mountain bikes, that is good news. Watching your progress with...
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    New "Lingbei MM28.250 torque sensor mid drive"

    The Tongsheng torque sensor (photo a few posts back) actually measures torsional strain ( "twist" ) in a tube surrounding the pedal spindle. The pedal spindle is solid and has an external spline near the left-hand end. This spline feeds the torque into the tube, and the tube drives the main gear...
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    New "Lingbei MM28.250 torque sensor mid drive"

    Ok, if the magnets line up with that sensor, (and it looks like they do) then PAS sensor seems likely. It would be great to see a full strip-down of the unit.. it would answer a few questions.
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    New "Lingbei MM28.250 torque sensor mid drive"

    Hi Kisazul, You seem to have access to information / photos of a partially stripped Lingbei motor. I agree it obviously does not have a torque sensor built onto the pedal spindle directly, but in the photo looking into the bore of the bearings there is a dark coloured component with a flat...
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    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    Hi John & Cecil, It is obvious that different people ride different bikes in different terrain, and the requirements of each will be different. Just because I want instant response to an increase in pedal torque, and somebody else thinks a gentler / slower ramp up of response is better doesn't...
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    New Generations of BB Torque Sensors (Bafang and Sempu)

    Hi all, I have been interested in getting a Sempu or Bafang (or other make) double-sided torque sensing bottom bracket in ISIS crank format. Sempu (and I think Bafang) have photos and drawings of these on their website but I hadn't found anyone selling them. Finally found a seller on AliExpress...
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    Need to lower standover height

    Yes, 26" wheels and / or smaller section tires would lower the crossbar a bit. If the tires were the same width, the difference would be maybe 3/4" (around 20mm). Quite an expensive operation for a small difference. Maybe find a second-hand pair of 26" wheels and put thin tires on.. use the 26...