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    Cannondale prophet lefty tsdz2 48v 500w

    Nice bike! Where are you placing the battery? I was thinking the downtube :?: Some of these new dolphin style battery pack holders are surprisingly strong and robust for that task. That’s probably the best placement. If not, rig the battery to a rear bike rack, just don’t go overboard with huge...
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    Moto tube preferences?

    I always assumed the moto tires alone were so beefy treaded that punctures were virtually eliminated. If, for some reason the wrath of the ebike gods struck a blow on your ride, just repair the tube and keep on moving. If it happens again, change the tire & tread pattern :?:
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    Small hub motor

    I have both a motorized bike and a solely human pedaled bike. The latter became part of my quiver only because my fitness level improved from riding the motored bike so much. :lol: If I had every DIY ebike skill available to me (which I don’t) I’d convert a nice carbon or aluminum road bike...
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    BBSHD Takes on the Luiz Fire Road

    The terrain has a unique look to it. It’s literaally bald from trees & bushes on certain exposed areas, yet more lush in shaded & valley areas. Maybe because it lacks enough rainfall, and only those shade & valleys can accumulate and store water to give larger plants a chance to survive. :o
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    Powerfull Emoto + Rain = nasty crash

    Any newly installed kit I place involves opening the E-throttle and judiciously applying a waterproofing spray to the innards. Many of us have been in the same boat as you. It sucks not being in control. :?
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    BBS02 pedal resistance

    Probably one of two things. The easiest fix is just to regrease the inner motor gears. With that much distance & time put into it, it's due for a servicing. The type of grease can be found in the main BBS thread. You'll have to browse through it to find it. The harder fix is that clutch has...
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to EVERYONE at E.S. !!!!!

    Every Christmas, Santa always brings me empty streets to carve on. I live in a high traffic environment (my street is the old highway system before government turned to huge multi-laned freeway/highway infrastructure). This is one of two days (the other being New Year's Day) where my E-board has...
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    New Luna geared Mac motor

    Wires coming out of the hollow axle is an old design & prone to getting destroyed in a sliding type crash. :roll:
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    100mm or 120mm BBSHD? The link will take you to the "go to" site specializing in all things fat & electricified. Several of his blogs deals specificity to BBS systems & Direct Bike's Deadeye...
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    My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

    13s 21Ah. Wowee. My 29E cells are now officially technologically outdated. My battery literally encompasses the entire bicycle's triangle and has a similar capacity. :lol: It looks like charging above 5A isn't a smart move due to how thin the plugs are, unless you gut them and replace with...
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    Recommendation for vertical bike hooks?

    If your bike is used daily, I'd just rearrange the furniture so the bikes have a place to herd. It's kind of a chore to pick them up when all you want to do when you get home is relax. :roll: Before that, I used the one Chalo linked. Had to bend the hook part a bit to make the wheel slide in...
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    My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

    Looks from the video the gearing is a straight shot 30 mph. Increasing the front tooth count won't interfere with the frame either, but may touch the stock rear 2.8" tire. Looks compatible to midfat 3" tire category, but probably would find compatibility issues when going high tooth count & 3"...
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    E-bike or E-trike for winter commuting?

    On a 2 wheeler, I prefer to have both my feet on the ground. My folding bike was a confident ride because I could lower the seat akin to a child's balance bike. My Electra Townie cruiser, although not as nimble due to fork geometry, was almost as confident because the feet to ground was always...
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    Differences between the old and new version of phpbb & proposed changes

    It's 2017. More emoticons! :twisted: Or is that not possible with this program? The last one was the cute "bunnypancakehead" :mrgreen:
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    DIY ultralight, Retro biplane style, twinprop

    Motors & propellers are the same. Added more batteries. He flies it higher & longer. Checks battery capacity after the flight. Informs viewers about ultralight protocol/regulation. I'm sure I've missed some other key points. :mrgreen: eNSN6qet1kE
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    DIY ultralight, Retro biplane style, twinprop

    It flies! So far, he's using non lethal heights of 15-20 feet. It also steers, as he ran out of runway and had to turn back to find his home field. :lol: His battery's capacity really isn't enough to get anywhere. Not only will he need to increase his battery capacity, but will probably need to...
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    I grew up on superhero comics, loved sci-fi movies, yet, when I have a flying dream, it's a scene from The Greatest American Hero :evil: :cry: . I must need serious psychotherapy or something. :lol: Yb4C7vSByMM
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    BBSHD + Grin Phaserunner (52V okay, 72V problem)

    The bike is screaming to put the battery in the frame :P . At 40 it would definitely handle better :wink: .
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    My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

    Nice production Ebike. What's the max rear tire size for the given stock rims :?: I'm hoping it's a tad over 3".
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    DIY ultralight, Retro biplane style, twinprop

    The propellors to airplane ratio behaves curiously like hubmotor to wheel diameter ratio. At first, I doubted the propellers weren't sized appropriately until he gunned the throttle to 75%. :lol: If for some reason, she won't fly, it should be a simple swap out of one or more of the battery...
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    Fixing flats, tubeless, plus hole-plugs and CO2 cylinders?

    Pump the tire with the valve between 9 & 3 o'clock position. :wink:
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    Criminalizing e-biking

    There is always a flip side to every coin. In the end, on a street level basis, it's the corner cop who makes the decision whether to bust you. Until they take it a step further and ban Ebike production & sales. I highly doubt that will happen. I've yet to see a single ES NYC topic about...
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    Riide ebike on kickstarter

    Wow. What a cooincidence! I just saw one the other day. The geometry looked much more bicycle like versus the original posts pics. And the rear motor was a bit more stealthy (smaller). I'm at the point where I've seen enough production Ebikes rolling around that it no longer strikes that itch...
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    Spotted in West Yellowstone yesterday

    Those are the vehicles of choice for urban chic real estate agents to transport potential clients around. :lol:
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    Fixing flats, tubeless, plus hole-plugs and CO2 cylinders?

    I carried a CO2 cartridge for 2x flat tire events. 1st time I realized my 29er x 2.5" tire/tube was oversized for the stock CO2 cartridge and under inflated the tire. A slow ride to the local bicycle shop fixed the rest as well as a purchase of a larger type CO2 cartridge. The 2nd flat event...