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    Stark Future : Varg electric motocross 450

    Looks amazing! I can't wait for the reviews to start rolling out this year. How do you think they couple the cells to the casing? Is the casing coated for electrical isolation or maybe a thin plastic cap? A recent video I saw somewhere mentioned they will have a street version at a later...
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    2017 Honda CRF250R to Electric

    Great build! What tab welder do you use? I have been eyeing the K-weld, but looking for opinions.
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    Great project! I kinda forgot that wasn't a real motor and was confused why you ordered a new one. :lol: :lol:
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    RMZ 450 electric conversion

    Looks great! Please post some more videos! How do you handle balancing? Done off board during charging or do you have a built in?
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    Kawasaki KXF 250 QS 138 90H SEVCON conversion

    Looks awesome! Videos please!!
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    United States Ends ICE

    That looks like a very misleading chart. I'm not sure what it's telling me or what is actually measured. If it's a simple total CO2 by state, then all it tells me is Texas does more manufacturing than Washington D.C., and that would have been a given for me.
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    Vector bike and frame owners.

    Any info on this? Pedals? Rough power range? Something like Vortex or Vector?
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    Storm Bee electric dirt bike

    Has there been any updates on this bike?
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    Covid-19 "Alternative" news sources

    You'd be safe inside from the 5G China Virus though because it doesn't penetrate walls well.
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    Tesla Model 3

    Just received 5% more power and full stop regen, thanks Tesla! It's amazing that my car has gained so many new features since purchasing it. Can't wait to get rid of the other car for Tesla #2 (maybe a Y). Keep the good news coming TheBeastiailty!
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    Ugh a gearbox... No thanks. Looks good otherwise.
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    Lightning Motorcycles Open House

    Did you ask Lightning when they are going to start selling the new model?
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    Tesla Model 3

    And adding to the sales...convinced my boss to order a 3. He is picking up a white on white performance tomorrow. After riding in mine (just a plain old standard+), he was hooked. Additionally, another coworker is on the verge of ordering. The test drive hooks them easily!
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    Gonna get a used model S

    Thanks Chalo for the useful input to the convo... I would test drive an S and 3 before making the jump. They both have their advantages. It sounds like your living situation would be negative towards the S due to its size. What about a Volt? It's smaller, cheaper, still uses battery only if...
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    Nucular electronics - complete kit for ev!

    Does this controller fix the low end torque delay of the Adapttos of the past?
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    Alta Motors Redshift

    Wow! That sucks, I was planning on picking one up next I’ll have to wait. I hope they don’t follow the same path as Brammo, they really have a good bike going here.
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    Alta Motors Redshift

    Thanks for the review, I will have a hard time not picking up one of these next year. How does it do on the pavement? If I were to ride say >50% on pavement, should I get the supermoto setup?
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    Lightweight ME4201 Offroad Build

    Updates?!?! This thing is awesome!
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    186mph is cool and all, but honestly most people will be happy with 100mph for less $$$. I, of course, need about 130mph and then I'm happy :D . I wish someone would create a middle of the road bike, less $ than Energica and more power than Zeros. Zero is making great year-over-year progress...
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    Time to crack down on car pollution

    Most (all modern?) motorcycles have a PAIR valve, which injects fresh air into the exhaust. From Google: "The sole purpose for the Pair Valve is to passively "Inject" fresh air into the exhaust system at the exhaust port, to cause ignition of unburned fuel vapor *before* it leaves the exhaust...
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    Suzuki making an electric mini-bike!

    Looks like a perfect pit bike!
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    9lives mid-drive

    WOW beautiful build!! Hope you get the maxE issues figured out.
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    2010 Zero-S with bad battery. Value?

    Zero had (has?) an early adopter program. You could get 2.5-8k off a new bike. I'm not sure if you have to be the original owner or any other criteria. It looks like it may have been only last year, not sure if it's been extended or not. If it's been extended, then an old bike might be worth...
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    Tesla Model 3

    Hey don't pick on the Volt! :D Volt owner and Model 3 reservation holder here. The GF will get the Volt when the Tesla shows up. I need to keep a tow vehicle around :lol:. I don't think the model 3 will be able to tow a motorcycle or two very far. Looking forward to relaxing on my way to...
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    My New Build Bomber Style 100V 26Ah 8kw MC Rims and Tires

    How do the 244s compare to the 241s for on-road riding? Are the 244s smoother/quieter?