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    Baserunner/All Axle with CA3 setup help, no throttle

    Are you still getting capital A and/or W letters on the diag screen? No I got rid of those. If so, the system is still detecting excessive current and that is what is causing the limiting. If you have no load on the CA and there isn't actually any current flowing, but it does show greater...
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    Baserunner/All Axle with CA3 setup help, no throttle

    Thanks for the comeback Amberwolf. Yes the CA I am using is the same one I had hooked up to my previous All-Axle early issue motor that got a bit to wet and sat that way too used the old style controller. Replacing it with the newer parts seemed like the way to go. It did indicate...
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    Fahrradwohnwagen (Bike Camper) meeting in Kassel Germany

    Cool! Some of the homeless here in the states live off their homemade bicycle RV's but there is certainly no such thing as you show going on.
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    Baserunner/All Axle with CA3 setup help, no throttle

    I received both the baserunner and hub motor direct from Grin and they said that they were synced. I hooked it up to my battery and throttle and am not getting any throttle response although it is showing voltage gain on the CA to 100%? Any help appreciated! Edit: This is what I am working...
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    Riding an mid-drive ebike without battery...bafang BBS02 vs new stuff...

    All mid drives have a certain amount of parasitic drag due to the necessary gear reduction to them even the say the Bosch types. But you are also dealing with the extra weight of the motor, even sans battery, and that Nuvinci isn't that efficient either. Just use you lowest assist level and he...
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    Bafang DPC18 forgotten password

    So here is the situation: I got a LUNA Z1 a year and a half ago and I remember while futzing around with the DPX18 display I managed to reset the pass code. I then proceeded to decide I didn't like that display and switched to a 500c and put the other one in a box where is has resided since. A...
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    First custom carbon fork special made for hub motors

    I put 3 thousand miles on a Bike Direct Motobecane drop bar bike with a 9c front hub motor @ 1000w and carbon fork. Just used the Grin small torque arm that fit onto a fender brazeon at the dropout. Had to keep an eye on the nuts because I used regen and the back and forth seemed to want to...
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    octalink torque sensor

    I seem to remember that Paul @ Revel Bikes was working on an octalink torque sensing bb for his mid drive kits? I don't think he is making the kits anymore but you might search on here about it?
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    Did i buy the wrong size spokes?

    Why don't people here just use the Grin Spoke Calculator? They have all the hub motor sizes and many of the rim ERD's that match up perfectly depending on the pattern you choose? I use it exclusively for hub motor wheel builds and it hasn't ever steered me wrong. And no you can't tell from the...
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    where to put the battery to balance the bike?

    A suggestion would be to make up something that is equal to the weight of your battery, or use the battery itself, and mount it temporarily to different places that you think might work and ride the bike to see how handling is effected.
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    Small issue with LiFEPO battery

    That battery is toast. I would figure out how to dispose of it properly and get it out of the garage ASAP. As Amberwolf suggests there are proper ways to store a battery that will prevent this, better luck next time!
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    What BMS for 21700 cells?

    A 30A BMS should suffice, take your pick all the way up to Bluetooth enabled. But don't take offense but if you don't have the knowledge of what BMS to use and how to hook up a charge plug to it then perhaps you would want to be very extra careful about building a battery to begin with?
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    DIY ebike conversion 1st 100 miles…

    Welcome to the club :bigthumb:
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    Pedaling at high speed

    This is my fast eBike. It is able to sustain a 30mph average on level ground and a big part of that is the Schlumpf High Speed drive that allows me to pedal at a decent cadence with power input at those speeds. My High Speed drive is a 2.25:1 with a 27t sprocket which gives it the equivalent...
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    Duct tape batteries

    OK, who else had one? My first Li chemistry battery was, a 48v LiFePo4 12Ah. I carried it in a nylon Ammo container. Worked for my purpose but gravitated towards cased Hailong style batteries and now have integral ones for my eMtb. Putting my road bike back together I had a scheme to put a...
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    K1 CAN Monitor - Bafang CAN speed unlocker

    That should be popular! Good job :bigthumb: Should this also be able to be used with the M800 series motors?
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    21700 Cells. Is anyone making hidden tube batteries with them yet?

    I switched to 21700 cells 5 years ago as soon as I could get some 5A in a Hailong style case. Last fall I got my first internal battery type bike and found the stock 18650 cell 840wh battery to be rather disappointing. I contacted a supplier in Shenzhen and got them to stuff 21700 cells into the...
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    21700 Cells. Is anyone making hidden tube batteries with them yet?

    Contact and show him the picture and he will tell you how many Ah a battery can be made with 21700 cells using that case. It seems that cases are not a problem with this company as they have access to any of the ones I have inquired about so far?
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    Maverick/ Klein Palomino Build

    An artist who rented one of my studio's in Crested Butte did that paint job years ago, never saw the bike built. I like your thought as I am a fan of the AllAxle but not sure it is the best application for that bike? Really depends on the OP's intended use as a mainly road type bike or for...
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    My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

    If it works ok then why bother? I doubt it will cause harm to the motor. How did you fry the original controller? Thought my M620 had an issue here but it turned out to be the wiring harness.
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    Shimano auto gearshift Ebike.

    What's next Auto Ride? :roll:
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    Cargo bike with Grin All-Axle : fast winding 52V or standard winding 72V ?

    I have had a AnyAxle mounted on a 700c rim for 4yrs and as much as I like it I am not sure it is going to be right for your needs regardless of what the calculator says. My bike is fairly light at 43lbs with a 52v battery and averaging 30mph it will use 30wh/mi easily so factor that into your...
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    The high power front hub thread

    If you don't want a rigid fork and are looking to alleviate your issues list just get a Grin AnyAxle hubmotor. You can set it up for completely tooless take off easily, yet especially in a thru axle version it should never fail. I have put mine through all kinds of different terrain including...
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    TSDZ2 power loss due to stupidity

    So I was messing around awhile back with one of my TSDZ2 bikes and sparked the pos terminal which resulted in total loss of power. Usually you go to the fuse and replace that and on you go but there was no I assumed that it was the controller and although I have changed out...
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    Brilliant enclosed scooter. Inspirational IMHO

    Good fabrication skills! Thanks for sharing.