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  1. gogo

    Burned out on burnouts

    Spinning the back wheel of my 1975 RD350 at the dragstrip was a strategy for the quickest takeoffs. These days, I'm much more impressed with electronic traction control. You almost never hear vehicles on the street even chirp their tires, anymore.
  2. gogo

    Wind and Solar vs Coal, Gasoline, Nuclear

    The particular details aren't important. What is important is 'original sin', that you are guilty at birth, and that you deserve to be punished for it. Ask not why, or how, or who decides the details. Submit and cower, or suffer!
  3. gogo

    Fun and cheap EV racing series open to everyone

    Anecdotal racing story: 1975, my father was selling Zagato Elcars and entered a hopped-up car as 'exhibition' in a timed (slalom?) SCCA event. Despite stopping and backing up when he got on top of a cone (he didn't want to have to pay for it), he still had a competitive time. In the next event...
  4. gogo

    Opinions or interpretations of Iowa's new ebike laws

    As willstealthy points out, LE is likely to be even more confused by these laws than I, someone who is making an honest attempt to understand them. Despite having read through them many times, I hadn't caught that class 2 ebikes don't even need pedals. After letting the new laws soak in, I've...
  5. gogo

    Electric X project - Petrol enhanced battery-electric bike.

    Have you seen Mazda's reintroduction of the rotary as an EV range extender? I wonder how small this design could go? I've been doing 3rd party food delivery and am keen on comparing systems that would allow 100 mi range for a relatively heavy and not aerodynamic bicycle.
  6. gogo

    Opinions or interpretations of Iowa's new ebike laws

    It seems the ebike industry lobbyists were keeping busy these last few years, and they snuck some new laws in while I wasn't paying attention. If anyone has an opinion or interpretation of this specific ebike law, I'd appreciate your input, specifically on number three. 321.235B Low-speed...
  7. gogo

    Hill Climbing eBike

    I'm reminded of this long-tail thread: I hadn't thought of the hill-climbing enhancement inherent in long-tails.
  8. gogo

    Thai drag bike tires.

    The important measure would be if the tire is getting enough bite to flip the bike. Back in the early 80's you could get the most popular Dunlops in an 'R' compound that made the difference between spinning out and flipping on a 50HP RD350. Wheelie bars fixed the flipping issue and I suspect...
  9. gogo

    Hill Climbing eBike

    You suggested earlier that this is all an effort to be able to get past one steep area. If longer wheelbase ruins the rest of the riding, maybe consider something like an electric winch to get past that one point, and leave the wheelbase at a more enjoyable length?
  10. gogo

    California bill introduced to decriminalize psychedelics

    Screening the mail for imports that cost 5X less than in the US. The feds also give out million dollar fines on products for which pharma rakes in billions.
  11. gogo

    California bill introduced to decriminalize psychedelics

    The feds are busy screening for prescription pills that are 5X less cost.
  12. gogo

    Understanding and Using EGO Power+ Batteries

    When I bought a refurb EGO mower with a 5A battery I grabbed a 580 CF blower with a 5A for $200 mostly for the battery, but also to qualify for $50 off. $500 for a mower, blower, and two 5A batteries. I'm seeing many of my neighbors using electric mowers this year, almost as if the peak has been...
  13. gogo

    Mongoose CX24V200 Restoration and Hop Up

    The rear swingarm of the 450 has a geared motor attached, and can be swapped onto many other cheap bike frames. The forks on both models are good for only very light duty.
  14. gogo

    Bryan Lunduke ( linux nerd ) argues against commercial electric cars

    I didn't watch the video. Autonomous vehicles will predominate as soon as they cost 10X less than what we're doing now. A major portion of that 10X will be not having to own the motive part. It follows that 3rd parties will own and maintain/operate-for-hire the motive part, so that will make it...
  15. gogo

    How do you feel about 'other toxic discussions' on this forum?

    Its a useful place for discretionary material, and more useful than fun.
  16. gogo

    Electric tether-car racing • 217 MPH

    Here's a video about the tether-boat history where they made their own engines & boats in the 30's & 40's. buUft7w0wBQ
  17. gogo

    Electric tether-car racing • 217 MPH

    I had no idea about any of these tether hobbies. Seems fun enough. sKTeWIw7Y5Y
  18. gogo

    United States Ends ICE

    Progress ends ICE. Solar+battery+autonomous = 10X cheaper transportation. As soon as that happens it will be a steep adoption curve. We'll be half done converting to service-on-demand autonomous in 5 years and completely done by 2030. Most of what trucks do now will be done by smaller...
  19. gogo

    Kawasaki KXF 250 QS 138 90H SEVCON conversion

    Beautiful. Looks like you retained the stock motor sprocket location and replicated the stiffness of the original gearbox to maintain original chassis engineering. Seems like the CG is probably the same, too. I wonder if wax would dampen the chain sound without being messy?
  20. gogo

    Need torque - Manco 615 with BLDC/MY1020 72V 3000W motor

    If its the battery low-voltage circuit cutting power, you might only need more or bigger batteries. Does it torque stall more easily as the batteries get lower?
  21. gogo

    Thoughts on using SLI/AGM batteries

    If you never discharge past half capacity and recharge immediately after any use (not 'a few hours later'), lead can work. A good example would be a lawn mower that gets plugged in anytime its not being used.
  22. gogo

    Understanding and Using EGO Power+ Batteries

    The +\- terminals on the ego battery bypass any electronics, and are connected straight to the cell string. The tools decide when to stop accepting battery power. Any BMS is only for the charging/charge display.
  23. gogo

    Understanding and Using EGO Power+ Batteries

    This is from the parts diagram from a dual battery EGO snowblower and mower. You can see what looks like capacitors on both the expensive items, so I assume those are the controllers. I'm guessing the $80 & $117 items are diodes and/or power mosfets for switching batteries off.
  24. gogo

    My1018 brushless alternative?

    The My2018 has heat limitations and will waste lots of electrons once its getting thermally stressed.
  25. gogo

    gas price thread