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  1. Icewrench

    Forum content disappearing

    Very well stated.
  2. Icewrench

    Forum content disappearing

    It`s a damn shame that this forum is merely a hollow shadow of what it once was.
  3. Icewrench

    What wires go where with the leaf/eBay hub?

  4. Icewrench

    Farfles Electric Ultralight.

    Very sad to hear this news. The young man had some top notch skills. It was a treat when he would share what he was doing in the shop.
  5. Icewrench

    Something to make your smile "electric"...

    Hope this helps.... :) Yes. Yes it does help.
  6. Icewrench

    Discussions aren't the same quality without Chalo

    Chalo Mar 15 E-bikes don't inflict pollution, noise, or significant risk of major injury upon other people in their vicinity. They are thermodynamically several times more efficient than stinking gas scooters. When they are based on traditional bicycle designs, they have the virtues of...
  7. Icewrench

    Poll: Should Chalo be un-banned from Endless Sphere?

    Yes most definitely lift that ban.
  8. Icewrench

    Yesterday I replaced my Mac motor clutch, created guide
  9. Icewrench

    wiring diagram

    Hi Welcome to the sphere This topic might have some good information for you. Have fun
  10. Icewrench

    Speed Record has to Go somewhere

    Riding along at high speed on a two wheel trailer while hitched to an 8 cylinder suv is a death defying stunt. No doubt. Cycling purists might be offended. :lol:
  11. Icewrench

    Need help with building 1 24volt lifepo4 pack or 2 12volt packs

    Well for 24 volts you would want 8 cells in a row, and with 40 cells you can go with 5 in each parallel group.
  12. Icewrench

    52V to 60V - Please Help

    Amp hours AH, refer to battery capacity like how big is the gas tank in gallons or liters of fuel. At a 1c discharge a 27ah battery should deliver 27 amps of current for one hour. A 10c discharge would be a draw of 270 amps and drain the battery in 6 minutes or less. A motor will run on...
  13. Icewrench

    Help,911 ...was riding in the rain and

    A rough feel from the motor when riding is usually one of the phases is not contributing any work. Check all wires and connectors between the controller and the motor for any problems. Good luck
  14. Icewrench

    Controller draining battery fast.

    Does the controller get warm when the battery is connected ?
  15. Icewrench

    $14.99 72v Sunwin Controller

  16. Icewrench

    $14.99 72v Sunwin Controller

    BH or brake high would connect to the pos voltage line to a brake light. Bl Brake low is a ground signal..
  17. Icewrench

    The govt shutdown

    I would prefer that the locked trump thread be un-locked and both dark angel and rumme have cess pool posting capabilities restored.
  18. Icewrench

    Black Friday 2018 Sales ?

    E-BikeKit™ by Electric Bike Technologies. = EBK
  19. Icewrench

    Fabricating a curved side battery box? Might find something useful in the link. Good luck
  20. Icewrench

    My Kentucky Fried Fingers

    So I read this in the afternoon. That evening bbuzzaaappp a small star shows up while shorting a couple wires. Seem to always be looking right at it and think I am paying attention to what I am doing. Oh well. Till next time...
  21. Icewrench

    In Seattle?

    Ya man went there did that. :D An easy way to be part of the record book if nothing else. Was a good chance to see other styles of ebikes and meet the riders. Made for a good afternoon.
  22. Icewrench

    Has interest in ebikes increased decreased or stayed the same at your location compared to 10 years ago?

    Lots and lots of e bikes around here this past summer. Lots of rad brand bikes and a lot of cargo bikes as well.
  23. Icewrench

    Controller DEAD?

    I suspect that your motor is ok. Continuity between all phase leads is a good thing. If 2 melted bullet connectors were to touch each other that would make the motor hard to turn and it might just damage a fet in the controller.
  24. Icewrench

    My Wife Sold My Bike

    Yes Dear