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  1. zzoing

    BMS switches off randomly from hidden short circuit on 15 wires.

    What a cool tip. Hey docw, Honestly ES has been bypassing the bms for discharge for years without special fire worries. Ruining a battery from low voltage doesn't considerably affect the fire risk, because a BMS is always used for charging. How did it go to 20v without you noticing, was it in...
  2. zzoing

    BMS switches off randomly from hidden short circuit on 15 wires.

    After 20 years of building Ebikes, this is the worst electrical fault conceivable: On a 14S lipo battery, there's a bad wire so the BMS actions LVC low-voltage-cutoff, so the battery switches off every 20 minutes, possibly 10 miles from a road in a ravine. The battery is stuck together with...
  3. zzoing

    52v Battery No Name Chinese Vs Luna Cycles

    If the cells are advetised as quality and the build quality is high, you can always check and claim a refund if the company lied. The main issues from China are glues that can come undone and result in short circuits, and low 5A nickel joinging the middle of the group when you want to run it at...
  4. zzoing

    Reducing Rotor back-iron

    What do you mean? can you post a fast picture please?
  5. zzoing

    Surron X DC-DC capacity?

    Write to Bruno Poweeeer or his shop email, they specialize in Sur Rons, and tell us what they say!
  6. zzoing

    Exploding ebike tire?

    Good find MadRhino... Best work safety accident info since I read about bench grinding wheels being covered in metal which can cause them to explode into a worker at 5000rpm... They are one of the most fatal workshop equipments. If it exploded at rest, i'd say it's not possible: must have been...
  7. zzoing

    Can someone please run a science test on 18650?

    Indeed it does. The ranges of the steel can are 170-250u. The max force / the resistance kN until the battery was compressed exactly by 1000u was 70-80kg for all the cells tested, and then the short circuit happens at 500-600kg. Even though there's lots compression contacts in the industry...
  8. zzoing

    Can someone please run a science test on 18650?

    Because nobody knew, even vaguely, if it's 20 pounds/ 120 pounds, the previous time Wrecker Magoo asked this question in 2014!!! Sorry I just found a science document: :)...
  9. zzoing

    Can someone please run a science test on 18650?

    Hi, Please can you test compression limit that an 18650 can withstand... Is it 20 pounds? 90 pounds? Please can you compress some 18650's on some bathroom scales and measure on a precise caliper how many KG can change the height of the 18650? Do you have high-precision calipers at 10 microns...
  10. zzoing

    Can the PTC and CID in an 18650 have discontinuity from knocks?

    I checked for discontinuities in a weldless 18650 box. There was a 0.041ms loss of signal when I dropped it from 35-40 cm straight onto the lid against wood... Do you think it could be the PTC / CID which could have vibrated and lost power? Because the CID contact area is quite small compared to...
  11. zzoing

    New Research on Reviving Lithium Batteries

    Can we test that voltage trick at home? Do we pulse wave it using a specific volts? I can't believe that some li-ion 18650 cells are achieving 1100 cycles these days. they've risen from 450 to 1100 since 2014, so perhaps we will be at 2300 recharges soon.
  12. zzoing

    Fresh Air Engine

    That's very good CAD work and good engineering. I'd suggest to channel your time and efforts into technologies which are fairly recent and currently changing and growing in user base, things that you spend a lot of time on and want a fix for, things that you find very inconvenient and you know...
  13. zzoing

    Today work - Reparing citycoco trash transport..

    Hahah that's very conscientious, i like that. I found a complete citycoco style scooter at the recycle center once, next to the metal scrap bin, with 3 lead acid batteries beside it. I lifted it and it was 40 kilos, i.e. twice as much as my ebike... I'm on the first floor of a building so i left...
  14. zzoing

    DIY Spot welder power- limiting factor?

    Your welding cables are crazy long, are they 2m? what AWG? if you upgrade 100A cables to 200A or use them for shorter lengths, it boosts the weld a lot.
  15. zzoing

    Help with Motorcycle battery

    Technically, you can measure every single line on the voltmeter, and there may be a hidden fuse someplace or a BMS wire that has come loose, I'd measure every wire from the BMS end twice using very precise multimeter tips if it's on the molex. If it's fine, and you have studied the BMS wiring...
  16. zzoing

    Cycle life tests of High Power density cylindrical cells

    Awesome work!!! What an impressive battery of tests. That's one of the best technical research posts I've seen on ES and compared to other 18650 graphs available... I'd summarize the result as: The LG has quite a lot of resistance and high temperatures, but it's still safe after 1000 cycles, so...
  17. zzoing

    Mechanical disc brake becomes weak after few stops

    I'd send it back to the shop, you can get lots of cable disk brakes used on YT for 10-20 from avid and generic ones. When the cable is tight it's tight. Brake lines are one of the most reliable elements of a bike, steel on steel, they are 1mm accurate once tensioned. I'd search google for...
  18. zzoing

    Stealth FUTR owners builds and pics

    That's a total huge BEAST BIKE!!! That's not under the radar! If you change the color scheme to zebra, using make-up to disguise it as a Bosch type ebike, and change the hub aluminium grey, and use forks that are less designed for 12ft drops, Then it will be a stealth ebike... it looks like a...
  19. zzoing

    Crystalite controller info?

    That was ages ago that I switched away from Xlyte!!! as soon as something as good was available. Perhaps they use high quality caps these days!?. I'd write to them, it's a nice company, I figure they are trying to put quality gear these days! Some folk on here will know what their reputation is...
  20. zzoing

    Crystalite controller info?

    I was always well within the voltage specification. The time the caps blew after 1-2 months was because of low quality caps, it was my 3rd/4th xlyte in about 2013. Their hubs used to have the reputation of being slightly out of alignment, and the hub would go up and down by 1mm as well as going...
  21. zzoing

    building the BESC - 100V, 400A motor controller [NOT RECOMMENDED]

    I love it! I'd stay under 72V because that's a lot for an ebike and it's the maximum safe voltage limit for human touch as recommended by the IEEE.
  22. zzoing

    72v Controller suggestion

    Anything infineon based will do!!! If it's a serious tool you use, I'd vouch for a grintech sinewave regen controller, then i'd add hot glue to the wires so they don't wiggle so the controller wires are firm and cosy, and then i'd expect 5 years of perfect performance from it because they are good.
  23. zzoing

    Phaserunner Vs. 40A Grinfineon (10T Gmac)

    Perhaps the Gmac will burn fast on a 40A Grinfineon because it's too overrated. A 1 kilowatt motor on a 1.5 kilowatt controller going uphill will get hot after 5 minutes of tarmac mountain climbing and 1 minute of rocky path climbing. The grinfineon's are very efficient and quality signals...
  24. zzoing

    Crystalite controller info?

    I went through a bunch of Xlyte controllers, I found them to be less reliable than grintech generally, sometimes the caps blew after a month of moderate use, all the Xlyte lasted a relatively short time. I'd stay within spec, the Xlyte company is very responsive AFAIK, you can write to them...