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  1. Deafcat

    Bafang Ultra/M620/G510 Clutch Repair

    You're referring to the spindle freewheel mechanism, not the one-way bearing typically referred to as the "clutch" (just to avoid confusion for any other readers, replies) Biktrix also sells these replacement parts, if you've bought an Ultra motor from us (for future reference).
  2. Deafcat

    Did anyone copy and save the mid drive section of the wiki?

    Mobilith SHC 100: Synthetic base oils (Proprietary), Lithium Complex thickener (proprietary), Anti-wear, Extreme Pressure Applications: Electric motors, high bearing speeds, commercial aviation wheel bearings, automotive/industrial multi-purpose 150C Max operating temp. Mobil 28: PAO...
  3. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Interesting website, interesting wording... Interesting choice of components
  4. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Sharp eye, friend! We started with those then replaced parts and output interface, changed the way the output end of spindle is supported, replaced the spindle entirely, then tackled the hall sensors. More improvements/changes going forward. Full disclosure: the stock coax motors are riddled...
  5. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Hey not at all! I really appreciate your questions and feedback, it's been a really exciting past week here getting more community into the project. Launch site for the product went live last night at 2200 hrs, check er out! Cheers, and enjoy!! There will be lots more official...
  6. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Bullfrog, we're primarily looking to sell these motors on our own bikes, many of which are built on compatible frames. Selling motors for DIY is a bonus opportunity for adoption, which I'm expecting will lead to even more variety in applications :D
  7. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Unfortunately, not every bike frame will ever be compatible with this type of drive system. 157mm is the narrowest you can pull off with a dual-drive system (due to two chainlines clearing bike wheels+tires). We're using 197mm since we typically build fatbikes. the BBSHD and BBS02 already...
  8. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Bullfrog, The ESC (motor controller) will actually take 72V Nominal (~90VDC) and up to 90A, but we have never tested the system that high due to our preference for commercially-available battery packs. Most likely the motor will burn out at those power levels anyway :) 50A is about what our...
  9. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Mid drive, up to 60V, 50A, over 300 Nm torque at the rear wheel, tougher than anything I've ever ridden. We have tried to destroy these bikes and nothing will break (besides some early electronics iterations, usually from R&D guys wiring things up weird, the engineers did nothing wrong!)
  10. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    last one was kinda shit, here... Four Days now, really: Happy weekend! Cheers,
  11. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    here ya go, teaser of a real motor!
  12. Deafcat

    LightningRods mid drive kit

    These new IPM motors look like great quality, I'm interested in more information on the manufacturer/supplier?
  13. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Haven't forgotten about you guys! Public launch is slated for Feb 22, but I'll share details before then probably.
  14. Deafcat

    Anyone using BAFANG G062.1000 1000W geared hub motor?

    Actually yes. I have one myself, fit fine, typical to use some spacers to get it just right. I'm running it with Grin Baserunner, peak wattage 1500W, in a commuter bike with torque sensing BB. G60/G62 are great hub motors, very reliable, I've got over 5000km on one of these hubs. The internal...
  15. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Alright folks, I've seen the first video and it is amazing... But this will have to be filed under "Best Mid Drive Motor 2022" as I don't think I can share till January most likely. I'm certain you're all going to enjoy this one!
  16. Deafcat

    A QS 2000 motor mount from Cyclone 3k plates etc

    Great build, lots of fine work in there! Bike looks fantastic too. You mentioned the cyclone planetary reduction, some of those are actually good! They really need the proper grease to work the way they should. Mobilith SHC 100 is perfect choice, about 1/3 of a whole tube. Assuming the gears...
  17. Deafcat

    Custom frame for the Cyclone Coaxial motor

    Yet another promising project stalled with the woes of home hobbyist CNC... best of luck, I do think it's always smarter to outsource the CNC milling/laser/etc. Owning a finnicky CNC, at best, you'll break even (best case scenario!). Applying time and skills to design is more important, leave...
  18. Deafcat

    Damn rear derailleurs

    No derailleur or IGH will perform well if you're not controlling power output during shifts, that is a fact. Even a Rohloff shifts like a piece of garbage if you don't cut power. My solution has been to manually interrupt power during the shift with an additional mini-lever, which uses the...
  19. Deafcat

    Best Mid-drive Motors in 2021

    Busy company, lot of videos/new product in the pipeline... I was expecting this would be done for November but it sounds like December it is! Video should be live within the next week.
  20. Deafcat

    Sn0wchyld's 12kw custom frame mid drive

    Do the smart thing and outsource the cutting. You'd be done years ago, for less cost, with less headache. Your machine didn't fail because of bad luck, it was lack of experience (and cheap equipment). You can outsource the cutting to a professional jobbing shop with expensive, reliable tools...
  21. Deafcat

    Mid drive with a proper Q factor + spacing - does it exist?

    How about dual hub motor? Independent ESCs with independent batteries, for twice the regen capacity... dual hub is a lot of fun and it will distribute the weight, and regen braking nicely.
  22. Deafcat

    Can only set BBSHD to 28amps max?

    Right, and by the same logic, you'll be leaving reliability and uptime on the table by mucking with the stock controller. Best performance solution is to keep stock controller intact, while saving up for aftermarket. No downtime, no compromise, and a backup controller is very handy to own.
  23. Deafcat

    Mid drive with a proper Q factor + spacing - does it exist?

    My recommendation: drop your mid-drive requirement, put a torque sensor BB in a road frame and use a good rear hub. Problems solved. Mid drives are never going to be narrow as a road bike, the biggest reason is compatibility with modern mtb frames (wider tires, wider hubs, those wider stays...
  24. Deafcat

    Bafang G510/M620 (Bafang Ultra) thread

    Actually, those early Ultras with a plastic gear failed within normal operation (30A) pretty easily. They gave up on plastic gears in these stronger offerings, as well as improving the one-way clutch component over the years for better reliability. People still break those occasionally, but only...