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    Any Datasheets on this or only pics?
  2. cal3thousand

    70$ Li-Ion Battery Pack 48V 10.5Ah 500w output

    Sent you a PM a few days ago, but you haven't read it yet. I'm wanting to get 3 packs.
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    Ok, so I crashed again today...Is it time for a trike in the city?

    To me, it sounds like a fatter tire will benefit you before adding another wheel to the dynamics. A 2.4" tire would have laughed at that gap and a 4" tire wouldn't have even known it was there.
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    Warning for those who bulk charge using bench power supply

    I'd say a proper charger or at minimum a LED driver that does CC/CV Meanwells are great for that task. I like the potted units as they are very robust and can travel. Some are good enough for bike mounting. One that would put out a comparable wattage to your 5A/60V setup should run under a...
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    Will Statorade make a hub motor quieter?

    Statorade will only help in cooling the motor. Has nothing to do with sound. If you want to make it quieter, get rid of your squarewave controller. Phaserunner would make it super quiet and stealth.
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    Gonna get a used model S

    Honda Accords are notoriously cheap to maintain, efficient, reliable, and enduring. 9 years is nothing for a Honda Accord, I regularly see people running them from the 90s still. You've got 20 years on those guys. I want a Tesla Model S too, but I know it is a luxury car and as such, I won't...
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    Best way to unscew hub motor screws?

    Best is to get a long HEX shanked bit and put into a racheting screwdriver that you can press your weight onto. Also get a closed end hex wrench of appropriate size to turn the bit as you press down. Make sure your bit fits the screw's profile perfectly. Take your time to find a bit that sits in...
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    1000w + geared rear hub source?

    MAC is the way to go nowadays. I don't really see another geared motor option that is as good in terms of price, performance, reliability and information available. They've been steadily improved over the years and represent a good deal of current ebike motor technology. And EM3EV has always...
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    26" Rim Suggestions

    You'll find Alex rims as a great balance between price and strength. I use them almost exclusively for ebikes. Alex DX32 is a good one for those purposes. Seems like they are getting harder to find tho
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    Oxelo TOWN 9 EF V2 conversion advice

    I found that same kit a while back and am interested in using it. I don't see why it wouldn't handle the job. Where are you located and how did you source the scooter? It's a difficult to get one here in the States.
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    Motor noise - why are some motors silent?

    There are a couple things going on there. Firstly, like you said, commutation type makes a difference. With the same motor, sine wave commutation is going to be much quieter than square wave. Then, with the differences between mid-motors (some) and large hubs is RPM and gearing. Mid-drives...
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    Anybody see any problems with this Starter Frame and Component List

    If you're willing to spend $1,500 on a conversion, you might be better served to convert a used bike (you'll get much more for your dollar) OR buying a prefabbed electric. There are some good prices/bikes nowadays. There's much more choice than say 5 years ago. For instance, this bike here is...
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    Power of a 250 w LIME Motor

    It could have something to do with the disparity in motor ratings. Manufacturers tend to bend the truth sometimes. Your 400 W could be a peak rating while Lime's could be a continuous rating of 250W. Another thing, being rated for public use, I'm sure they don't want to seem like they have too...
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    Kepler Bottom Bracket Friction Drive For Sale (Finally)

    Sounds awesome... I have PayPal ready :)
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    building my first battery

    I love the HLG and CLG lines from Meanwell. They are adjustable and mostly water-resistant depending on model. You can also put them in serial AND parallel. Super robust.
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    What makes for a beautiful custom eBike?

    This one always strikes me as beautiful. It's not that it looks amazing in any one way, but when you take a look at all the thought and craftsmanship put into something like this and also realize the utility/convenience of owning such a bike, the beauty starts to materialize in your mind. At...
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    Electric Schwinn Shuffle?

    Thanks for coming out of the lurk to share this post. Can you share a little bit about the experience of riding one? Most of us have only had bikes in our lives. I would like to have one for the occasional blast up and down the ocean walk. I would maybe use it for grocery trips, but I don't...
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    Custom salt water electric cargo trike

    Have you considered the use of a belt drive in this situation. Every time I hear about chains and saltwater/sand in the same paragraph, I cringe a bit. Less metal = Less chance for corrosion. I'm NOT heavily experienced with belt drives unless they are under my hood, but I do know that they...
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    building my first battery

    To answer for him, yes, most will have 2-5 pots inside. If not pots, they will have some type of resistor where you can either pot or augment with other resistors in series or parallel. I think the likeliness of a pot to be there are in this order: voltage adjust, current adjust, end of charge...
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    Experience with Frogzskins for venting?

    I certainly do not have experience with those. But in my experience with ICE motors, in general, I understand that they create vacuum all on their own, which, in this case, makes air flow through a material through which snow/water does not. I do not see a situation in a battery that would...
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    How much juice does a motor use at different speeds

    Check out this page: There's a cool tool that many of us, here, use to figure out how much power we need for various speeds using different bikes and motors. Various factors come into play. Basic physics knowledge will come in handy. If you remember...
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    building my first battery

    Yes, the wide strips can carry more current. How are you planning to connect the cells? Spot welder?
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    18650 spot welding -how to- ULTIMATE REPOSITORY

    Has anyone here tried layering copper on top of nickel? I read that you can layer strips to increase the current capability. So why not increase it with copper?
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    Battery Location. Your Opinion Matters!

    I like the last point of offsetting your rearward bias with some additional forward weight. Mount it on the downtube.