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  1. MadRhino

    E-bikes are arguably worse than electric cars

    Toys are for fun. Then, we can have better fun in the daily tasks if they can be done with a toy. My bike is not a commuter. It is a fun toy to tackle the motorcycles of my neighborhood, jump with the kids in mountain trails and parks… Yet I was commuting with it when I was working, despite...
  2. MadRhino

    E-bikes are arguably worse than electric cars

    Pumkins and Oranges. Ebikes are toys. We ride for the fun and lifestyle. If we commute with our bike, it is for more fun, cheaper cost, shorter travel… Batteries can last, or burned by stupidity, or abused for performance. Depends the chemistry, size, management… On the bike I replace them...
  3. MadRhino

    QS 205 vs QS 273 watts consumption

    Yep. You didn’t need that motor. To make it go faster, you have only 2 solutions: Either you lace it in a larger wheel, or you feed it more volts. But, it could happen that your controller does limit the top speed, for one of 4 reasons: - defective throttle. - 3 speed switch not set to full...
  4. MadRhino

    what is it about a bmx bike that some people dont understand?

    Cannondale always been trying to be different. Some innovations ahead of their time, but some nonsense as well.
  5. MadRhino

    what is it about a bmx bike that some people dont understand?

    That top tube... They are getting more common nowadays. I wonder why such a weakening structural design did succeed to find a niche in the bike market.
  6. MadRhino

    what is it about a bmx bike that some people dont understand?

    Depends of its character. If it is neat and pretty comfortable, call it a mule. If it is ugly, call it an ass. If it is hard to handle, you can call it a donkey.
  7. MadRhino

    what is it about a bmx bike that some people dont understand?

    I see them BMX like ponies. I mean, small horses have a purpose. Kids often learn to ride on ponies, until they grow taller and get more comfortable on a horse. Doesn’t mean that grown men can’t ride ponies, even prefer them for sport. Polo ponies are a good example, because polo is much more...
  8. MadRhino

    very small generator

    12 yrs later, the principle hadn’t changed. If you are going to burn gas to charge your battery, you might as well burn gas to ride. A 50cc scooter or lightweight motorcycle will do about 100 miles a gallon, and can be found cheaper than a good ebike. Anyway, if it is only occasionally, many...
  9. MadRhino

    Questions about Crystalyte 5303s

    The X53 series are outdated. I mean, much better motors are available today. Here they are worth 100$, and at that price it is a good motor to build a fast bike on a budget. Used Lipo... you never know. That is a high risk, thus not much value unless you can test them. Still, when they are...
  10. MadRhino

    Hardtail EMTB - A Mistake?

    Riding fast does require a suspension frame, trails even more so. At low speed and/or fair surfaces, a hard tail is fine, if you ride it bicycle style especially.
  11. MadRhino

    Looking for a strong headlight

    Trafic? Riding the streets at night in a city, ideally requires automotive standard lights. This means a 12v circuit and motorcycle light set. That is what I recommend on fast ebikes. Riding the bike path can be done with bicycle or ebike lights. Riding off road at night does require work...
  12. MadRhino

    Chipping of Cyclists and Pedestrians in the US

    If you can’t put brain in drivers, put brain in their cars. This had started for quite a while, and the evolution is pretty fast. Putting a beacon on bicycles, or in granny’s handbag, can keep ‘intelligent’ cars from hitting them, but most idiot drivers are not choosing cars for their brain...
  13. MadRhino

    Can rubber cement for tube repair freeze then thaw and still be used?

    All big cities are crazy when things go wrong. I feel lucky to have the choice and freedom to live anywhere I want. I usually avoid the city in the winter anyway. Next summer I will be living on a boat.
  14. MadRhino

    Can rubber cement for tube repair freeze then thaw and still be used?

    I buy it a the local bike shop, like everyone else I guess. :D I buy the small kit, same price as the glue alone anyway. Not anymore though, for I ride tubeless for a while. I carry a tubeless repair kit, yet never had to use it because the slime and tire insert always let me ride home.
  15. MadRhino

    Can rubber cement for tube repair freeze then thaw and still be used?

    It doesn’t freeze, but the life after the tube is open is very limited. The solvent is very volatile and the cap is not air tight. You can use candle wax (after the cap is on) to make it last longer.
  16. MadRhino

    26 inch - 4" fat tire build for sand

    Depends of the sand. Loose surfaces like larger diameter wheel just as much as wider-softer tires. Cutting on the wheel size might not be your best option, unless the sand is compact.
  17. MadRhino

    How do you feel about your state's moped laws?

    They are not going to change their habits for us. We need to share the streets with cars, and for that we have to be able to match their performance in the city environment. In too many places, ebiked are now perceived as a nuisance on both, bike lanes and streets. Bike lanes are used by a...
  18. MadRhino

    Do 100mph bikes exist??

    This is nit a matter of motor. There is an awful lot of motors that can do it. Bicycles are another story, for very few are safe to build such a fast bike, and even those would need mods ans at least some motorcycle components. Controllers and batteries are going to be big and heavy, no matter...
  19. MadRhino


    Retirement communities are the worst place to live if you ask me. Covid restrictions pushed me to retire. I was long due but couldn’t let go easily, so it is not a bad thing finally. I am happy to leave dense urban environment, even though I liked the abundance of small shops, restaurants and...
  20. MadRhino

    Do you use an fairing or partial fairing on your ebike, emoped or BSM?

    Crashing once is a stupid accident. A hundred of crashes is an art. :D
  21. MadRhino

    Do you use an fairing or partial fairing on your ebike, emoped or BSM?

    Exactly. Speed is time, and stability as well as reactivity are time related. -——-—— Then, COG is not alone in this fight between stability and reactivity. Length and size and all geometry factors, are contributing to make a bike a good compromise. A bike is always a compromise. Even today...
  22. MadRhino

    Do you use an fairing or partial fairing on your ebike, emoped or BSM?

    Low COG makes balance precision High COG makes balance reaction I always use the extremes to illustrate this principle: GP racing motorcycles that have the highest COG, and Trial motorcycles that have the lowest COG. GP bikes need to be balance reactive, meaning little action from the rider...
  23. MadRhino

    Suitable Suspension Forks for 500-1000W conversion kit

    Good that you now have a reliable fork. Very few are. Don’t replace it unless you find the same type in a better condition. Still, ebikes are much better rides with a rear or mid motor. That is because like horses, a good bike need to be light in hand and powerful on heels.
  24. MadRhino

    Exploding ebike tire?

    All I know is the tire had 100 lbs of calcium salt inside, that is/was common practice as far as I know. I never changed a tractor tire in my life, always gave this job to professionals. Of course, tubes alone are not dangerous. They blow like a balloon and fly away, if they ever do. Most of the...
  25. MadRhino

    Exploding ebike tire?

    A neighbor was killed by the explosion of a farm tractor tire when I was a kid. I was just outside the garage playing with the dog when it happened. Freaking thunder I will remember all my life. A giant cloud of dust and debris blew off the garage door. I fell on my back, shocked with buzzing...