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  1. Ykick

    Source for Q128 motors AND repair parts

    Aikema's impossible to deal with directly unless you're ordering large quantity and you can pay in Chinese currency to their "agricultural" bank. Over a year ago I tried to buy some replacement parts so I went to the NYC branch Bank of China in person and left with no reasonable secure way to...
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    Rockin' tip. If you have a moment could you share the measured highest/lowest voltage that model outputs adjusted maximum? Specs show 27-54VDC so if it reaches 54.6V it could be useful solution for 48V pack charging?
  3. Ykick

    More ebike questions

    Li-ion/poly 13S (48V) fully charged = 54.6V Practically empty = about 40V
  4. Ykick

    Dogman Dans E bike burns his house.

    Happy for you Dan! Enjoy, the new'ish digs....
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    Safe travels road dog… Yeah, this stuff is reaching roughly 1lb per 100Wh and fairly well protected via BMS. Good times! But I would still treat ANY battery pack with care due a large amount of stored energy. Think about where you charge? Avoid messy, flammable areas as much as...
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    Other than storage don't mess with 80-90% SOC on any BMS equipped pack. Most BMS will never balance unless charged 100%. In practice, the main thing to avoid is sitting full SOC for more than couple days at time. If you know you won't use a pack for a few days or longer, merely charge to...
  7. Ykick

    Criminalizing e-biking

    So it's ALL still Obama's fault? Precious, just absolutely precious, ROTFLMAO.... +1 eBike GWB...
  8. Ykick

    Criminalizing e-biking

    Cellphones are more dangerous to the public than eBikes... de Blasio's a bum and tool for caving to the likes of Jessica Lappin and her cronies with their misplaced irrational vendetta against eBikes.
  9. Ykick

    how about this instead of a bms?

    Balance only not for protection.
  10. Ykick

    Is it OK to replace 40ah scooter batteries with 35ah?

    SLA capacity ratings when used for EV purposes should be divided in half. In other words, 40Ah labelled SLA capacity is only about 20Ah in the real world. That's why someone mentioned going to Lithium 20Ah and it would deliver the same range as the original 40Ah SLA.
  11. Ykick

    Most travelled BBSHD ?

    Over 2k miles each on both a BBS02 and BBSHD and never greased anything. The 02 got a new controller after getting wet but that’s been the only work I’ve done to either system. I hear some freewheel noise in BBSHD when it releases but until it becomes nastier I’m not gonna bother opening it...
  12. Ykick

    Any Auto AC Mechanics Here?

    My shade tree trick to determine if an AC system is undercharged is blocking some air flow from a portion of the condenser coil. If the evaporator air goes colder while some of the “capacity” has been reduced then it can probably use a little more Freon. I learned this by accident on my home...
  13. Ykick

    Voltage reading in Display Cable, please advise. BBS02B

    Some people use the USB programing cable for troubleshooting display/dashboards. It connects to the display plug and jumpers power ON pins without the risk of applying B+ to the comm wires.
  14. Ykick

    BBSHD 21h error code and its "5 minute ride"....

    No harm and if you want to prevent it from powering OFF disable the "auto-off" feature under display/dash settings.
  15. Ykick

    Rear Wheel Battery

    I believe hub mounted battery pack is one of the dumbest things ever attempted for eBikes. Give 'em credit for trying but seriously, what a mess when something goes wrong.
  16. Ykick

    Ebike brakes

    One trick I've learned over the years is that it's often possible to cut open the supplied levers, remove brake switching guts and somehow rework them to whatever levers we need to use. Hot glue to test positioning of the components and then seal the deal with some Epoxy.
  17. Ykick

    What soldering iron do you use for soldering ?

    Don't need Watts/heat as much as Mass/amount of heat. Hammerhead tips are much harder to find nowadays but check these images to get an idea of large tips (some DIY) which allow soldering heavy gauge wire, connectors and battery tabs...
  18. Ykick

    Differences between different 1000w 48v hub motors

    Most of us know you know better - that looks like a typo....
  19. Ykick

    Dyson EV

    We recently bought Dyson cordless vacuum - wife and I very impressed and totally satisfied. If they ever do EV's we'll take a serious look. Is there Dyson "hype"? Of course, but the product we bought is actually pretty well thought out and a much better cordless vacuum than the Bissell...
  20. Ykick

    Interbike 2017, Las Vegas, Sept 18-22 (Mon-Fri)

    Thanks for the video Luke - enjoy your trip!
  21. Ykick

    How do you carry groceries on your ebike?

    In addition to carrying groceries I can stuff up to 2000Wh battery under the tub and ride crazy distances….
  22. Ykick

    What is the "Light Weight" go to "Hobby" Lithium packs

    Good to see you Tommy L, ‘wondered what you were up to? Sorry about the missus - I hope your touring gig doesn’t take you too far for too long? I still use combinations of 20C 5Ah RC Lipo with a cheap/small eBay BMS installed for charging only. While discharging the bike LVC will probably...
  23. Ykick

    800W Q128c commuter build

    if the clutch is sticking, I'll guess/predict one of the roller springs ground down and became wedged between roller/drum. Akiema used springs more suitable for ballpoint pens than a bicycle motor, IMO. I eventually found some much hardier, heavier gauge springs which slowed this problem down...
  24. Ykick

    How can I discharge a 36v battery pack

    Also parallel several heater elements (space heaters, toaster ovens, range elements, clothes irons) together in order to bring the total DC resistance down to something around 10 Ohm or less.
  25. Ykick

    Kit recommendation for hilly commute

    BBSHD is the tool for this job, IMO. I see "measurable" chain wear/stretch around 1000 miles. New chain ($12 8spd) at 1st sign of wear to save the more expensive sprockets. Yes, carry a chain breaker and couple master links in case of chain suck and it damages the chain plates and breaks...