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  1. mxer

    Thousands of 18650 batteries

  2. mxer

    UK Harvest time for LG18650 3.5ah (all gone for timebeing)

    Me too, was a price mentioned or are they free?
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    Bafang Ultra M620 Cables for sale

    Got a speed sensor?..
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    Bafang G510/M620 (Bafang Ultra) thread

    Great read thanks for sharing 👍. Absolutely love my Ultra it's insane!!.. eats anything you throw at it. I'm sure I read somewhere Bafang should be releasing an update shortly how true is this?. I have a programming cable and have adjusted a few settings but would look forward to see what a...
  5. mxer

    Can Bafang Ultra Max do cadence sensing?

    You can probably program it to make it operate the way you want it to, ie ghost peddling etc. But the motor is governed, to 0 20 40 60 80 100 speeds regardless of torque values set..
  6. mxer

    Bafang Ultra torque sensor not working?

    Strange one?... Rear sensor magnet moved present (on rear wheel lining up with sensor correctly?.. think the motor has to sense this before torque kicks in? I'd try see if there are any error messages on the display info button?. Or buy a programming cable and read the values present and see...
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    EggRider Blue Tooth vs Standard Programing Cable is there a difference?

    Eggrider does Not need a programming cable.. It uses Bluetooth and reads the values set on your phone/device and sends them over wirelessly to the eggrider. Regarding throttle watch this vid a couple of times it may help?..
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    Might be worth mentioning in the original post "You do not ship to the UK anymore" :roll: Would of saved me alot of time as I was waiting for a PM...
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    Bafang M620/G510 (and all other Bafang motors) now on CAN-BUS (2021+) rather than UART (2018-2020)?

    What's the main draw of eggrider?.. I have all the settings I need on the prog cable?..set it up and left alone. Can't think why I'd need it?.. but I'm sure I can be convinced if there are cool benefits?... I do have two batteries for my ultra one being 48v and one being 52v so could come in...
  10. mxer

    Bafang M620/G510 (and all other Bafang motors) now on CAN-BUS (2021+) rather than UART (2018-2020)?

    I've just bought a m620 was hoping to use eggrider for road/off-road options. Is there a way to tell what system I have?.
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    THUMB & TRIGGER THROTTLE - electric bike or scooter

    I absolutely love it, but I'm a half twist man :( Should I change?...
  12. mxer

    Emtb - Bafang Ultra G510 3500W Innotrace controller

    Looking for one of these frames any one know best place to find one, Alibaba my phone does like? SayS to register use another hand set?.. I'm in the UK
  13. mxer

    Bafang Ultra, Minnesota 1.2, Fatbike

    Unfortunately standard is out of stock, pic above is fatbike unsure if the offset would be too much. Thank you for your input tho
  14. mxer

    Bafang Ultra, Minnesota 1.2, Fatbike

    2 years on from this thread and still no luck in finding a 34T spider ring for the bafang m620!!.. Anyone else managed to find a 34T spider available?... Unfortunately I do not have the skills to make one.. Any help our advice would be greatly appreciated 👍.. Thanks in advance, members..
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    UK 80 green panasonic 18650s

    I only need 65 but will take the lot if a great price is agreeable.. Give you an idea if be paying no more the £2 per cell as I already have a good supplier at that price.. What cells exactly are they? 2000mah 3000mah 10A etc?...
  16. mxer

    Qulbix Q76R Frame Kits & Complete Bikes PRE-ORDER

    Always say "my dad says no one is allowed on it" ... Lol.. Best bet it to learn your screen settings and have a play.. YouTube is your best friend 👍
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    Is this alot off Money or good value?..was thinking about a mid drive but don't think I can push that much!!.. do they generally last?. I've had a hub motor for 9years still going strong lol
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    UK 80 green panasonic 18650s

    You able to post these?...
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    20Ah li-on NMC cells UK London new boxed £12 each on box of 50 limited stock

    If you can pm me a price delivered would be great thanks.. Suffolk ip11 👍
  20. mxer

    20Ah li-on NMC cells UK London new boxed £12 each on box of 50 limited stock

    Hi I'm after a 48v system +2 extra for spares for my son's go kart project (will be in metal box) can you help?.. I'm in the UK?... Thanks
  21. mxer

    Project: Replace 18650 cells in laptop battery (w/pictures)

    Wow! Valuable information for future laptop battery users, wish I'd of known this a couple of days before I stripped my pack. Thank you very much sir :thumb: I have ordered a new genuine Dell pack NOS 60w instead of standard 48w so hopefully will last. Absolute shame about this BMS and...
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    Project: Replace 18650 cells in laptop battery (w/pictures)

    I'm trying to think about that one? That's got to be easier said than done.
  23. mxer

    Project: Replace 18650 cells in laptop battery (w/pictures)

    Thanks for the reply Amberwolf and confirming my findings. Crazy we're locked out in replacing quality cells for ourselves, I've built a few packs in the past,ebike, drill batteries etc. Would be nice to have the option. God knows what I'll be buying online now, hesitant to buy genuine Dell...