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    Bike Range - DD VS. Geared Hub

    This should be sweet. I haven't gotten my head around how it works yet. Anybody?
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    E-bikes are arguably worse than electric cars

    Stuff happens. I have put over 30k miles on each of two different DIY e-bikes. Both batteries have lost some capacity, but no more than typical for electric cars. Neither of these bikes has had a cell failure yet. Our 2017 Chevy Bolt had a cell failure at 47,821 miles. Maybe my bikes will...
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    22T or larger single speed sprocket for ISO 44mm brake rotor mount

    Crap! VeloSolo makes the best sprockets. :(
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    New Shimano 11-40t 8 speed cassette and derailer in vintage Shimano format.

    I made my own 14-40, 8 speed cassette, for my mid-drive Linear, and ran a NOS, 8 speed Deore XT derailleur. The only change necessary was to run the hanger screw further in, so the jockey pulley would clear the 40 tooth. I ran 200-350 watts most of the time, rarely hitting 500 watts max. Even...
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    Actual bulletproof bicycle tires

    The quest for the airless tire is older than the pneumatic tire.
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    Greenspeed Magnum Big Wheel with 'stoke monkey' motor and Gates Belt drive

    I rode a MAC 350 "stoke monkey" for 30K miles. I loved it, but it had a few drawbacks. Your design solves them all. Congratulations! Brilliant!
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    Zeta lithium sulphur battery
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    Recumbent moped.

    I will be watching this build. :love:
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    Greenworks 80V 27.5” Commuter E-Bike

    No other word, or specs yet.
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    The Vectrix VX-1 info thread
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    Chevy Bolt first drive

    What a difference a few months can make. lol We are fine with our garage, and no snow here in central Virginia. We were only out of power for 2 hours, and 10 minutes on Friday, due to high winds. But much of the country have had a real mess. The EV forums are alive with amazing stories...
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    Streamlined gasoline-ICE microcar/tadpole trikes

    "Of all the recumbent bikes I've made, this was my favorite, and most used." No surprise whatsoever. MWB with cranks near headtube, and above the front wheel, rock!
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    Giant Revive conversions

    :wink: "new shape of 21st century cycling" "seating position, and posture so advanced"
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    Excellent blog post about TSLA as an investment by Jack Rickard

    And the world is truly small. I just learned today, that a new Bolt EUV owner on the Bolt forum, who I have chatted with, is none other than Collin Kidder.
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    Excellent blog post about TSLA as an investment by Jack Rickard

    This is a legitimate website. Jack died, but the online store is still being run by his family, and his old staff. The blog is active again, thanks to one of his old EV friends, Collin Kidder.
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    F150 Conversion
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    (tail)Fairings again, with !!science!!.

    Yeah. Your Pursuit design is good enough. I recall Fast Freddie saying his Javelin (very similar layout) was the fastest bike he had ever ridden. My Linear ended up as close as I could get it to your design too. Rode 30K miles in total comfort, using amazingly little battery energy. In our...
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    (tail)Fairings again, with !!science!!.

    The challenge will be coming up with something that has not been tried before.
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    (tail)Fairings again, with !!science!!.

    Build a great upright streamliner, and I am sure you will be enthusiastically greeted, by the upright community. Just like Craig Vetter and his streamliner kits for conventional MC. :lol:
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    (tail)Fairings again, with !!science!!.

    I recall at least one crash on the velodrome at one or another event. My main memory of the velodrome, at some event, was seeing Gardener, and Fast Freddie, with the Gold Rush streamliner. Sorry you missed out.
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    Converting scooter to recumbent and to electric streamliner

    Never dull though.
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    (tail)Fairings again, with !!science!!.

    Tadpoles mostly. Trikes are typically slower than two wheel recumbents, because of higher rolling resistance, partly from the extra wheel, partly because of unavoidable scrub in turns. Also more frontal area. And you never miss that pothole on a trike. Now a velomobile is another beast...
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    (tail)Fairings again, with !!science!!.

    Uprights are short, with lots of side area....bad in cross winds. The frontal area on a performance recumbent is already less, even before streamlining. There was some success with Moulton streamliners...
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    (tail)Fairings again, with !!science!!.

    If you want to learn about practical bike fairings, start with hpv club links.